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Learn About Service Cloud Personas

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the four Service Cloud personas.
  • Observe the behaviors that differentiate the personas from each other.

Personas for Service Cloud

In this unit you’ll get to know the Service Cloud Personas. Excellent customer service is a crucial part of the customer experience. These personas represent the people involved in providing support to your customers.

Case Solver

The Case Solver provides direct support to customers and handles escalated cases. They interact with customers over the phone, email, live chat, and in some cases, social media. Case Solvers are likely to be experienced agents (almost half of Case Solvers have 10 or more years of experience) with a college education.

Most Case Solvers spend 5 or more hours of the day logged into Salesforce. They spend most of that time:

  • Logging activities
  • Troubleshooting customer issues
  • Updating existing customers
  • Viewing the status of cases
  • Collaborating with colleagues to solve cases

A third of the time Case Solvers are able to resolve a case in their first interaction with a customer. Other times the case may take days or weeks to resolve. Almost half of Case Solvers may have ongoing interactions with customers to provide support.

Expert Agent

The Expert Agent solves escalated cases, contributes to their company’s knowledge base by creating and editing knowledge articles, and trains other agents.

Most Expert Agents interact with customers using the phone or email. Some also provide support through live chat or social media. Over half of Expert Agents have 6 or more years of experience and 50% have a college degree.

The majority of Expert Agents spend 5 or more hours a day logged into Salesforce. They spend most of that time:

  • Troubleshooting customer issues
  • Viewing the status of cases
  • Logging activities
  • Collaborating with colleagues to solve cases
  • Creating support cases

Expert Agents handle fewer cases that can be resolved in a single interaction with the customer than Case Solvers do, with 19% of their cases getting resolved in one interaction.

Team Leader

The Team Leader supervises, manages, and trains agents. Most Team Leaders spend less than 5 hours per day in Salesforce. They spend most of that time:

  • Viewing the status of specific cases
  • Creating and viewing reports and dashboards
  • Collaborating with colleagues to solve cases
  • Troubleshooting customer issues
  • Changing ownership of a case to a supervisor or another agent

Team Leaders may spend about half their time interacting with customers directly. Team Leaders perform quality checks and provide feedback and coaching. Over half of Team Leaders manage 1–20 people.

Service Admin

The Service Admin manages and maintains their organization’s Service Cloud instance. They also create reports and dashboards.

Most Service Admins spend 5 or more hours per day in Salesforce with most of this time spent on administration tasks including:

  • Customizing and administering Salesforce
  • Creating and viewing reports and dashboards
  • Creating users and accounts
  • Viewing the status of specific cases
  • Troubleshooting customer issues

About half of the Service Admins modify Salesforce on a daily or weekly basis. A quarter of Service Admins modify Salesforce a few times per year or not at all.

Service Admins are often responsible for other Salesforce products as well such as Chatter, Sales Cloud, Salesforce mobile app, Digital Experiences, Knowledge articles, Live Agent, and Einstein Analytics.

You have the skinny on Sales and Service Cloud personas. In the next unit, we’ll cover another group of our cloud-based personas—Marketing Cloud personas.


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