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Learn About Marketing Cloud Engagement Personas

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the five Marketing Cloud Engagement personas.
  • Observe the behaviors that differentiate the personas from each other.

Marketing Cloud Engagement Personas

Marketing organizations can vary in size, focus, and channel sophistication. They can range from a small business marketing person who handles email, social, and print advertising to multichannel departments with teams handling different customer touch-points. In this unit, you’ll get to know the key users who create, manage, and deploy marketing communications and campaigns within these organizations.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager oversees teams, projects, and campaigns. They’re active managers of people and processes. They’re also responsible for crafting strategy and making sure it’s executed. They're skilled in cross-channel marketing and execute individualized and real-time marketing campaigns.

Marketing Managers spend about 3 hours per day in Salesforce. They spend most of this time:

  • Coordinating cross-channel messaging, cadence, and customer journeys
  • Approving content
  • Analyzing campaign metrics

The Marketing Manager is passionate about using marketing to grow their company’s revenue and enhance customer experience.

Strategic Leader

The Strategic Leader uses data to craft their company’s marketing strategy. They're experienced marketers who provide strategic direction for the marketing team and look for innovative ways to use Salesforce. They're skilled in multichannel marketing and execute real-time, lifecycle, and segmented marketing campaigns.

Strategic Leaders spend about 2 hours per day in Salesforce. They spend most of this time:

  • Reviewing dashboards to understand customer engagement and ROI
  • Approving content for major campaigns

They're invested in making a difference to the success of their company.

Marketing Specialist

The Marketing Specialist executes campaigns and uses data to find insights. They're skilled at cross-channel marketing and executing real-time and lifecycle marketing campaigns.

The Marketing Specialist spends about 5 hours per day using Salesforce. They spend most of this time:

  • Executing on the marketing plan
  • Developing, scheduling, and sending marketing communications
  • Analyzing data to drive decisions
  • Monitoring campaigns

They're passionate about executing successful campaigns and using analytics to find valuable insights. The Marketing Specialist would like to get involved in more strategic decisions and become a Marketing Manager.


The Designer-Developer creates and codes marketing assets. They're skilled at single-channel marketing and executing lifecycle and segmented campaigns.

They spend about 6 hours per day in Salesforce. They spend most of this time:

  • Designing marketing assets
  • Coding and testing emails
  • Coordinating approvals across current marketing assets

They're motivated to create beautiful content and want to make their manager happy while expanding their technical skills.

IT Services

The IT Services employee supports marketing data operations. They're focused on real-time, lifecycle, and segmented marketing on a single channel.

They only spend 1 hour or less in Salesforce, and most of their interaction with Marketing Cloud Engagement is through the API. They spend most of their time with Salesforce:

  • Managing infrastructure for the organization
  • Creating APIs for data for the Marketing Cloud Engagement
  • Debugging automations and journeys

They're motivated by improving their organization’s infrastructure and supporting the marketing team and Marketing Manager.

That about covers the three cloud-based personas: Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud Engagement. Next we get to the really fun part—how to use these personas to create better products and services.


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