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Learn About Experience Cloud Personas

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the four Experience Cloud personas.
  • Observe the behaviors that differentiate the personas from each other.

Personas for Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud has a wide range of users, including people who use Experience Cloud sites for information, connection, or collaboration and people who build and manage sites. In this unit you get to know the key users who consume, manage, implement, and customize sites.

Site User

Site Users are partners and customers who use portals, sites, and communities to collaborate, get support, and learn. Site Users are customers, partners, or employees who visit sites to find public information such as knowledge base and product or org information. They’re seeking help to solve problems or manage account-specific information or resources such as bills or claims. And they’re interested in working jointly with others on projects or ideas.

Their behaviors in the sites vary across site types, use cases, and engagement levels. For example, the Site Users who use sites for collaboration spend most of their time:

  • Browsing and reading feeds
  • Interacting with content
  • Collaborating with colleagues

Community Manager

The Community Manager protects, nurtures, and strategizes for Experience Cloud sites. They’re responsible for enforcing site standards, providing member support and content management, monitoring site usage and health, and developing strategies or guidelines for sites. Community Managers spend most of their time:

  • Moderating forums
  • Running reports on health
  • Communicating with members

Most Community Managers wear multiple hats, performing administrative and customization tasks in addition to their primary tasks of protecting and nurturing sites. Most are Salesforce administrators who have a basic knowledge of, or experience with, the Salesforce platform.

Over half of Community Managers use Experience Workspaces. Most Community Managers track metrics weekly.

Site Admin

The Site Admin manages member access and permissions, and configures and maintains platform settings. Site Admins spend most of the time:

  • Controlling and defining the sitemap
  • Defining permissions and access
  • Controlling information architecture

Most Site Admins are fairly advanced Salesforce administrators. About 60% successfully use all Salesforce administrative features including Visualforce.

Site Builder

The Site Builder customizes the community’s appearance and develops new functionalities for communities.

Site Builders spend most of the time:

  • Building components and templates
  • Customizing page layouts
  • Modifying the community’s appearance

Most Site Builders use the Community Builder and Visualforce tools to modify communities, and about half of the Community Builders are Salesforce consultants.

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