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+1,400 ポイント

Build Your Career as a Salesforce B2C Commerce Technical Architect

Design high-performing B2C Commerce sites that scale, with well-designed integrations.

~ 2 時間 45 分
+100 ポイント

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Architect Roles: Quick Look

Learn about the focus and functions of four types of Commerce Cloud architects.

~ 5 分
+500 ポイント

Project Documentation for Salesforce B2C Commerce Technical Architects

Document the technical requirements for a B2C Commerce storefront implementation.

~ 55 分
+500 ポイント

Build Processes and Unit Tests for Salesforce B2C Commerce Technical Architects

Learn to build and test your B2C Commerce storefront for a successful implementation.

~ 1 時間 5 分
+300 ポイント

Salesforce B2C Commerce Site Performance Analysis and Monitoring

Design your performance analysis strategy for pre- and post-launch monitoring.

~ 40 分
~ 2 時間 45 分