Help Protect Communities with Emergency Response Management

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Emergency Response Management for Public Health increases patient access to care.
  • Explain how Emergency Response Management for Public Sector helps agencies prioritize and mobilize resources in a crisis.

Be Ready to Respond to Any Crisis

When a crisis strikes—whether it’s a pandemic like COVID-19, a natural disaster, or another emergency—leaders must move quickly to provide information and guidance to their communities. An effective response includes coordinated communications, reporting, tracking, treatment, incident management, and recovery planning. 

But in the midst of an emergency, it can be challenging to see beyond the next hour or the next day. That’s why Salesforce built Emergency Response Management—to give public health organizations and public sector agencies the tools they need to prioritize and mobilize resources and launch a best-in-class response in times of crisis.

Emergency Response Management (ERM) for Public Health

Public health organizations are charged with protecting communities at the local, state, and federal levels, and with providing personalized patient care at scale. During a pandemic, this mission becomes even more urgent, as citizens need access to information they can trust.

Emergency Response Management for Public Health

Emergency Response Management for Public Health helps public health departments act fast to care for individuals and communities. Self-service and digital tools for identifying, assessing, and interacting with patients help departments extend the reach of triage and evaluation efforts. Care teams can monitor patients remotely and connect them quickly to the right care. Finally, with manual contact tracing, public health organizations can use data to track the spread of disease, gather details from people who have been exposed, and recommend care plans and services. 

Emergency Response Management (ERM) for Public Sector

For government and public sector agencies, Emergency Response Management for Public Sector is a critical tool for serving and protecting constituents affected by an emergency. In a matter of days, agencies can deliver stabilization and recovery services to communities and scale the impact of emergency responders and frontline volunteers.

Emergency Response Management for Public Sector

Agencies can set up self-service communities where citizens and residents can access crisis information and submit requests for support. The Emergency Response Requests console gives a complete view of the emergency request lifecycle, helping agencies increase collaboration, streamline and manage emergency service requests, and prioritize and distribute resources.

Responders in the field can get the job done fast with the Emergency Response Management mobile app. The app lets them plan visits, access insights, and track tasks on the go.

Careful Planning, Made as Seamless as Possible

Reopening our businesses and communities will take careful planning. Many people, groups, institutions, and resources need to come together and pull in the same direction. The suite of apps, services, and expert resources can guide and coordinate this effort, to help businesses and communities reopen as quickly and seamlessly as possible, while keeping employees and customers safe and informed, during this crisis and beyond.