Integrate Your Reporting in Datorama

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Bring all of your marketing activity data into a single source.
  • Apply AI-driven insights to your information.
  • Refine your activities based on data-driven findings.

Bring Everything Together

If you’ve come this far in Isabelle’s story, you know that she’s busy with a variety of marketing activities for Northern Trail Outfitters. You also know that she has a lot of data. A lot of data. She’s got results from Marketing Cloud journey and messaging activities, Google Analytics 360 information, Social Studio findings, and B2B data from Pardot. This data comes from one campaign, but it’s spread across several different sources. How can Isabelle get all of this information into one place—without the manual maintenance, errors, and headache of copying and pasting? And she’s not just looking for a single place to store her information—she wants insights from all of this data to optimize her campaigns.

Enter Datorama. Isabelle can combine all of her marketing data in a single system of record, with clicks not code. She also gets to take advantage of Einstein Marketing Insights for some extra guidance on the data she’s gathered. Let’s take a look at how she can use Datorama to handle all of the tasks for her demanding job.

Datorama Header

Bring All of Your Information Together

Isabelle has a few options with Datorama. She can:

  • See her data through LiteConnect—which takes standard Marketing Cloud reports and pulls the information into Datorama’s AI-powered dashboards.
  • Use the Marketing Cloud API Connector—which allows marketers to integrate messaging data for email, journeys, SMS, and push messages. This ongoing connection updates daily and connects data across marketing, advertising, technical, and flat-file data sources.
  • Complement the API Connector with TotalConnect—which can bring in any type of marketing or marketing-adjacent data. Want to throw in information about geographical sales, product data, or ongoing custom data extracts? TotalConnect can handle it.

Datorama also has a specific connector for Social Studio, which takes Social Studio data to an entirely new place. The API connection makes sure Datorama always has the latest information, including social benchmarking insights such as competitor engagement, share of voice, and other metrics. Datorama unifies all social performance and listening data in a single holistic view. Isabelle can measure every step of customer journeys in social media and monitor owned, earned, paid, and competitive social metrics.

Datorama complements Pardot as well, with a Pardot Connector that allows marketers to bring email, prospect, and opportunity data from Pardot into Datorama—seamlessly.

Get Started with Datorama

Now that Isabelle has all of her data gathered under one (virtual) roof, she can begin measuring performance and making data-driven decisions with Datorama. Her first stop is validating her data streams and preparing it for visualization with pivot tables

. Web Performance Overview in Datorama showing web traffic by day and week, along with page views, visits, and other statistics.

Isabelle can also use AI-powered Einstein Marketing Insights within Datorama to get information about performance and what she can do next for better results. This functionality allows her to analyze campaigns and performance within Marketing Cloud—from subject lines to creative to send days and times—and then pivot on her tactics for greater optimization. 

Einstein Marketing Insights Dashboard in Datorama showing insights for email, video, and social.

From there, Isabelle sets goals in Datorama. From the most minute detail to more high-level information, these goals represent targets and the incoming data determines whether they’ve been met or missed. If KPIs are missed, Isabelle can set up actions that notify the appropriate stakeholder (probably her, but she can dream, can’t she?) for immediate attention.

Finally, Data Canvas empowers Isabelle to take all of the available information and create a wide variety of visualizations for that data. Datorama can even suggest AI-powered visualization recommendations for the data. Data Canvas includes a full suite of tools that can transform the interactivity of a report, including interactive filters, KPI switches, and comparison widgets. 

Sample Data Canvas from Datorama showing total spend, revenue, ROI, and channel breakdown.

Isabelle is under increasing pressure to prove the ROI on every marketing activity, all while driving personalized experiences for her customers. With Datorama, the end-to-end solution to drive marketing measurement, she can harness the full power of all of her Marketing Cloud reporting with multiple data import options, data-transformation tools, and powerful visualizations.