Explore Mapping Solutions for Teams

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe role-specific solutions for sales teams.
  • Describe role-specific solutions for service teams.

Deploying Salesforce Maps for Different Roles

Salesforce users often look for solutions to help with business problems by turning to examples of success to guide their decisions. So far you’ve learned that Salesforce Maps can geographically visualize data and territories, track live locations, and optimize routes and schedules. You’ve also heard that it can be used to increase productivity and efficiency for sales and service teams. Now you're going to see what that means. This unit helps you identify feature(s) in Salesforce Maps that can be used to resolve user pain points, for both sales and service teams.  

Using Salesforce Maps for Field Sales and Field Service

For sales management teams, every meeting is a potential new opportunity. You need your team spending more time with customers and less time planning, driving, and logging calls.

For sales teams, they are looking for ways to automate the sales process and territory mapping, increase lead generation, and ultimately, increase sales to positively impact their bottom line. To get started, identify which area you would like to improve and we will demonstrate how Salesforce Maps can solve your pain point; for example:

Increase sales

  • Geographically visualize data with Salesforce Maps to identify clustered customers and plan your sales route based on travel time and distance of each customer.
  • Use Salesforce Maps on your mobile device to help find nearby accounts and fill gaps due to last-minute cancellations.
  • Visualize travel paths for scheduled meetings and add meetings based on proximity to existing meetings.

Improve territory mapping

  • Get a real-time view of customers, team activities, and performance metrics with Live Tracking.
  • Create, assign, and balance territories based on accounts and opportunities per sales rep within a specific territory.
  • Use territory visualization to make smart decisions about marketing campaigns that will help generate revenue.

Lead generation

  • Use the Google search engine, business data, or property data to search for nearby businesses and add them to Salesforce using Click2Create® buttons.

Sales process automation

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks by quickly updating records, create events, check in/out of appointments, and more, all directly from the Salesforce Maps interface.
  • Increase your overall efficiency by adding Salesforce Maps to schedule and optimize multiday sales routes in advance.

The World of Service

Service teams are often looking for ways to boost customer satisfaction and transform service organizations from a cost center to a profit center with route, schedule, and territory coverage optimization. Salesforce Maps provides solutions for services teams that can be summarized in four main categories.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve field service management.
  • Efficient call dispatch.
  • Effectively provide service area coverage.

Similar to pain points that are specific to sales teams, if you are in the service industry, identify which area you would like to improve and we will demonstrate how Salesforce Maps can solve your pain point. 

Increase customer satisfaction 

  • Use Live Tracking with Salesforce Maps to pinpoint the location of a field rep in proximity to a customer location.
  • Automatically inform the customer via email or SMS sent from Salesforce.

Manage field service teams

  • Field service teams can quickly check in or out of appointments, schedule multiday routes, and update documentation directly from their mobile devices.
  • Further boost field productivity with Live Tracking software . At any time, view where your field team is and reassign service calls based on GPS location.

Call dispatch

  • Get real-time view of where your field service team is in order to efficiently dispatch calls based on nearest team member location.
  • This CRM-driven telematics solution ensures you see real-time updates of vehicle diagnostics, field service team member location, and customer records in order to best service your customers.

Service coverage

  • Build and assign territories in Salesforce to get a real-time view of customers, technicians, and work orders and distribute service requests efficiently and effectively.

What’s Next?

This is only the beginning—there’s still much to learn about Salesforce Maps. But you now have the tools you need to start using Salesforce Maps to provide business solutions that are critical to your users. Combined with the powerful business tools of each Salesforce Cloud, Salesforce Maps will help you meet your goals and increase your bottom line.