Explore Intelligent Marketing

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify how Marketing Cloud helps businesses achieve their goals.
  • Describe the three elements of intelligent marketing.
  • Recommend Marketing Cloud products to customers.

Marketing Cloud: Our Solution for Intelligent Marketing

To meet customer expectations, businesses need a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Salesforce is a complete CRM solution that helps businesses sell, service, and market. Marketing Cloud is one of the Salesforce solutions that provides businesses with intelligent marketing, which is marketing that businesses use to:

  • Know their customer: Understand customers’ preferences by connecting data stored in different systems.
  • Personalize their communications: Make the right offer at the right time by tailoring communications based on a customer’s preferences.
  • Talk with their customers across the journey: Send messages before, during, and after the sale or service experience.

A person orders shoes from a promotion email, gets the shoes, and joins a running club.

These three capabilities combined provide intelligent marketing—the type of marketing that’s essential for businesses to meet customer expectations. 

Let’s revisit the challenges presented in the previous unit and see how Marketing Cloud solves them.

Marketing Cloud helps businesses...
Connect information from many sources
Know their customers by connecting data across every system the business uses.
Use data responsibly
Personalize communications based on the information they know about their customers.
Provide personalized marketing
Talk with customers about their interests throughout the customer life cycle.

Marketing Cloud Products

Marketing Cloud includes products that bring all aspects of data and marketing together. Let’s look at these products and see how they help marketers achieve success.

Marketers use it to...
Journey Builder
Plan a series of interactions based on customer behavior.
Email Studio
Create customized emails with simple-to-use tools.
Audience Studio
Find more customers and deliver relevant marketing.
Mobile Studio
Communicate and grow their reach on mobile devices.
Social Studio
Analyze social media posts, publish compelling content, and interact with the community.
Advertising Studio
Advertise, manage, and analyze ads on social media.
Data Studio
Share information about customers on a secure platform to personalize ads to new prospects.

With these products, businesses take their customers on a seamless journey with the brand. As a Salesforce partner, you can recommend the right combination of products to solve businesses’ unique needs. 

Now that you understand more about Marketing Cloud, let’s learn how to talk with businesses and help them succeed.



Some of the resources suggested in this unit are accessible to Salesforce Partner Community members only.


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