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Monitor Sales Calls and Create Reports

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Explain how call monitoring helps managers coach sales reps.
  • Describe how you can use reports to track Sales Dialer usage.

Coach Sales Reps with Call Monitoring

You’ve found multiple ways that Sales Dialer can help the sales team be more productive. But you know you can really sell Clementine on the product if you can explain how it can make her job easier. You decide to do some digging to see what Dialer offers sales managers.

Clementine has been invested in making sure that Prima’s ramped up well. She’s offered to give Prima some coaching tips. It turns out Dialer can help her do just that.

When Clementine is using Sales Dialer, she can see sales reps from the Monitor tab in the call panel. The panel displays the users who are one level below her in the role hierarchy.

Monitor tab in the call panel

She can silently monitor Prima’s calls by clicking Listen next to Prima’s name. Dialer waits for Prima’s next call and automatically connects Clementine when Prima places it.

When connected, Clementine can see the record related to the person whom Prima is speaking to. And Prima sees a banner indicating that the call is being monitored.

Monitored call with banner in call panel

Let’s say Prima’s on the line with Juan, a longtime Paperdrop customer. Clementine can monitor the call, and Dialer makes it easy for her to take coaching notes during the call.

Clementine hears that Juan sounds happy to continue working with Paperdrop and even decides to increase his order for the next quarter. She hears Prima get a verbal confirmation from Juan and end the call.

Clementine shares her thoughts with Prima after the call: She did a great job, but she probably could have upsold Juan on a couple parts of his order. Prima takes it to heart and plans to mention these additional opportunities to him in her follow-up email.

See Your Team’s Dialer Usage

Here’s something else you know Clementine can appreciate: It’s easy for sales managers to track their team’s Sales Dialer usage with reports. From those reports, managers are just a click away from creating insightful dashboards.

One option involves using your team’s existing reports. If you have existing reports on the LogACall task, reports about calls that users have logged manually, these reports automatically include Dialer call information. You can add information about call times by adding the Duration field to the report, if you like.

These reports aren’t limited by role hierarchy, and they can include non-Dialer users and tasks as well.

Managers can also access quickly custom reports based on Dialer data, but a Salesforce admin needs to make it available with the Report Builder first.

To create a Dialer report, an admin should first create a custom report type with the primary object set to VoiceCalls. This report can show calling details such as whom your sales reps are calling, whether the call recipients answer, and how long each call lasts.

Dialer custom report

This type of report shows the call history for different users based on role hierarchy, including the calls that aren’t logged. Managers can see the history of sales reps who report to them, and sales reps can run the report to see their personal call data.

Salesforce admins can also quickly access a report that displays an org’s Dialer usage. From Setup, enter Usage Report in the Quick Find box, then select Usage Report under the Dialer section.

Dialer usage report

Clementine will be happy to hear that she can track calling data by using her existing reports, creating new ones, or accessing the usage report in Setup.

You present your findings to the team, and they’re delighted. It really sounds like Dialer can help serve everyone’s needs: Prima’s, Hortense’s, and Clementine’s.

Sales Dialer sounds like a great addition. Things seem a lot brighter now that you all can use a modern telephony system for your sales.

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