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Increase Sales Rep Productivity

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Explain how to create a call list.
  • Describe the voicemail features of Sales Dialer.
  • Describe the benefits of Local Presence.

What Do Your Sales Teams Need to Be Productive?

How can Sales Dialer make the entire sales team more productive? That’s the riddle you need to solve to convince Clementine to roll out the product to everyone. So, your next step is finding out what your colleagues need to boost their productivity.

You ask Hortense and Prima, “If you could change one part of your job, what would it be?”

Prima mentions that she wishes there were less busywork—less manual data entry. You already know Sales Dialer can help her with that. “What else?” you ask.

Prima thinks for a moment. “I wish I could easily pull together a list of calls I plan to make each day,” she says.

Hortense chimes in, “Anything that increases the number of customers who pick up our calls would be great.”

Clementine wanders over: “And don’t forget about something for sales managers.”

Hmmm, you wonder. It looks like Sales Dialer may be able to help, but you need to tinker with it a bit more.

Create a Call List

You notice one of the tabs in the call panel is the call list. It looks like you can create a list of the leads or contacts whom you plan to call that day. And it’s easy: Simply select the record from a list view or record detail page and select Add to Call List.

Leads selected from list view with Add to Call List option selected

The list you created appears in the call panel. In addition to leads, you can add accounts, person accounts, and contacts to the call list.

Call list with leads, accounts, and contacts

You click Call Next. The number starts dialing and the related record opens automatically.

After the call, the first record is removed from the list. No need to navigate back to a list view to figure out who to call next. It’s all right in front of you, just a click away.

Prima will love that.

Record Voicemails in Advance

Poking around the Settings page in Sales Dialer, you notice there’s a page for Voicemail Settings. You can record a voicemail greeting, and you also notice there’s a section for voicemail drop messages.

Voicemail Settings page

“What’s a voicemail drop?” you wonder.

Turns out, you can record messages to leave when you make a call and get someone else’s voicemail. Not only that, you can record separate voicemail messages to leave for different types of customers, or when you want to make different kinds of offers, or when you want to leave a message in a different language.

That saves you the trouble of leaving a message every time you get a customer’s voicemail. How amazing is that!

Call panel showing voicemail drop option

Now you can leave a voicemail message with a simple click rather than spending time leaving each message yourself and ending the day with a hoarse voice. You’re sure that this, along with all the other Dialer features, can save you and your colleagues a ton of time each day.

Increase Engagement with Local Presence

You’ve found several ways that Sales Dialer can save time for your team. You’re sure Prima will be thrilled with your findings. What about increasing engagement?

You’re in the 415 area code. You know that when you call people with 415 numbers, they pick up more often than people with other area codes. You have a hunch that having local area codes available to make calls to other regions could help to increase the number of calls that get answered. Reading up on it online, you learn that you’re right: People are 400% more likely to answer a call if they see it comes from a local number.

That’s when you discover Local Presence. With this feature, Sales Dialer automatically reserves a list of local numbers for your company. Instead of using the 415 number you selected to call, it uses the local number that matches the person you're calling. You decide to give it a try. On the Sales Dialer Settings page, you select Local Presence.

Dialer Settings page with Local Presence setting selected

Then you call a customer with a 514 area code. You know this customer usually does business with a company that’s local to their area. But what do you know—someone there answers your call!

Hortense is going to be thrilled with this feature.

Looks like Dialer offers a lot of great features for sales reps. But what about Clementine’s request? Can Dialer make things easier for sales managers?

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