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Salesforce Starter でビジネスの成長を実現

営業、サービス、マーケティングをカバーする 1 つのアプリで顧客との関係を深める

30 日間の無料トライアルを開始

Learn About Productivity and Analytics Features

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how Sales Engagement works with the Sales Cloud Everywhere Chrome extension.
  • Explore Sales Engagement cadence reports and engagement reports.
  • Enhance email and calendar productivity with Sales Engagement.

Sales Cloud Everywhere

The next feature Candace learns about is Sales Cloud Everywhere. This Chrome extension provides sales reps with access to Salesforce tools while navigating the web. Users can access the To Do List, engagement alerts, record creation, and enhanced list workspaces while viewing any webpage. Linda explains the extension panel items one by one.

  • To Do List: Candace can view, filter, sort, search, and complete pending tasks within the extension panel at the same time she’s viewing a webpage. This lets her reference information outside of Salesforce while she works.
  • The Feed: This is a list that displays engagement alerts. These alerts inform reps about actions a prospect takes, such as an email open, reply, or link click. Candace could be conducting research on the web, see a notification in the Feed, and reach out to that prospect without ever switching tabs.
  • Record creation and viewing: With the extension, Candace has options. When visiting a company’s website, she can create a lead record as she views a prospect’s information on the webpage. She can also search for records in the side panel. A feature called Contextual Insights recognizes the company associated with the webpage Candace is viewing, and pulls up that company’s record automatically.
  • Workspaces: Candace can access these from the extension panel to work with multiple records in a list.
    • She can use supplied workspaces for opportunity, account, contact, or lead lists and rapidly sort, filter, and edit records.
    • She can also create custom workspaces, which puts her in control of column and field views for the records she wants to see.
    • She can make edits to multiple rows using checkboxes, or to individual fields, and save them immediately.

Engagement: Tracking and Reports

Engagement Tracking

Linda explains that Candace can use email engagement tracking to see whether someone has opened an email, replied, or clicked an included link. Different types of engagements are tracked according to how a company sets up its email system.

Beyond tracking individual emails, Sales Engagement comes with a built-in report that compares email template performance. In fact, Cloud Kicks sales manager Jose has access to many different included engagement reports.

Sales Cadence Reports

Reports are available for cadences to evaluate how effective they are at turning prospects into customers and which cadence steps are most effective. Jose can examine phone call statistics for reps and see which reps are converting the most prospects.

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards are provided to visualize key metrics.
  • Standard reports focus on data that every team typically wants to assess, such as the performance of sales reps, cadences, and call scripts or email templates.
  • Customizable reports are included so a Salesforce admin can use a prebuilt report and select from preset options.
  • An admin can create additional reports using a Custom Report Type (CRT).

Email and Calendar Productivity

Linda tells Candace that she has many ways to access email and use templates so she’s not repetitively retyping the same information.

Email Composition

Candace can write an email once and use mail merge features for different fields, such as the target’s first name. She can set a quick cadence to use her email template. When she adds a target to the quick cadence, the email is auto-filled with the first name of the lead, contact, or person account Candace is targeting. She can set the cadence to send the email immediately, or make the email appear as a step in her To Do List that she can preview and then send when she’s ready.

Calendar Booking Links

Candace has multiple options for scheduling meetings as she composes an email, too. She can:

  • Insert a Book a Meeting link and allow her recipient to select an available time from Candace’s calendar.
  • Insert several booking links as options. Candace clicks times within her own calendar, which creates and inserts booking links into the email.
  • Choose Add Next Three Available Times, which automatically inserts her next three open time slots into the email.

Sales Engagement works smoothly with Gmail and Outlook. Several Trailhead modules are dedicated to email integration in Sales Cloud.

Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) is another Sales Cloud feature that works in harmony with Sales Engagement. EAC keeps sales activity data synced between Salesforce and your email and calendar apps, and generates insights for sales teams. When sales reps interact with customers, their emails, events, and contacts are added to the activity timeline of related records. Updates are automatically reflected in Salesforce, which saves your team the hassle of making manual changes.

Jose uses analytics to fine-tune the Cloud Kicks email strategies. Candace finds that email cadence steps—with templates, personalization, and automations—save a lot of time. As a result, she can reach more targets with quality messaging. Because email engagements are captured in Salesforce, Candace’s results feed into Jose’s analytics, so the whole team benefits from a continuous feedback loop of email optimization.

Review the Sales Engagement Toolbox

Candace agrees with Linda that Sales Engagement works like a toolbox packed with tools to save time and make her and her team more productive. Candace can handle new leads efficiently without taking time away from existing customer interactions. Her team can use cadences to define and refine best practices, view the To Do List to help prioritize daily tasks, and review extensive analytics to see what’s working and what to improve. Sales Engagement also incorporates key Salesforce features to maximize the efficiency of the entire sales process.

You’ve been able to follow along with Jose and his team as they implement Sales Engagement. Does your company have concerns similar to Cloud Kicks’? Or do you have different sales challenges that you’d like to address, well, yesterday?

Coming up, take a look at Sales Engagement from some other users’ perspectives.


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