Leverage Email Integration

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe additional actions available from the Work Queue.
  • Explain the benefits of email integration.

Shoe’s on the Other Foot

Toward the end of the day, Jose comes by to see what you think of High Velocity Sales.

“It’s been going great! I’ve saved so much time and have been processing so many potential customers at a rapid pace.”

“Yeah, I can tell.”

He explains that sales cadence reports and performance dashboards let him see how prospects are engaging with different sales cadences. And he can already tell that your productivity has improved (from just one day!).

High Velocity Sales performance dashboard

He also voices his approval for Sunny’s discount rate.

Navigating to My List, you email Sunny to give her the good news. Another satisfied Cloud Kicks customer!

Looking back at your Work Queue, you notice that Sunny’s record is now listed in the next email step. But you just emailed Sunny, and it seems like she’s ready for the final step in the cadence. You notice that there’s an option to Mark Complete in the Work Queue.

Work Queue record with Mark Complete action highlighted

You mark the step complete, knowing that should advance the record to the final step in the sales cadence. Looks like you can skip a step as well if you don’t want to log the related activity.

Email Integration

You wonder if there are any other features related to High Velocity Sales that you aren’t aware of. You message Candace to check.

You: HVS is great! Any other features I should know about?

Candace: Have you tried using the Work Queue from your Gmail account?

You: Not yet, I’ll try that now. And don’t you mean my SHOEmail account?

Candace: Don’t be ridiculous, that isn’t a thing.

You: Oh, right. Thanks C, you’re awesome!

Sure enough, it looks like Jose added the Work Queue as part of your Gmail integration. And you’re sure it works the same way with Outlook integrations, as well.

Gmail application with the Work Queue shown

You can do most of the Work Queue actions from the email integration pane: Skip steps or mark them complete, send emails, and also access all the other tabs available in the side pane.

Bringing It All Together

You’re over the moon with everything High Velocity Sales has to offer: an efficient workspace, a prioritized list of activities, several email and calling features, and even email integration.

Now that you’re not spending time logging activities, making the same emails and calls, and switching between different applications and windows, you can both increase the volume and the depth of your prospect interactions—all within Salesforce.

The Cloud Kicks team celebrating

Candace mentions that if you need any quick pointers, you can always find resources in the Help Menu.

Help Menu with High Velocity Sales resources

Now go forth: Supercharge your sales process with High Velocity Sales!

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