Get Started with High Velocity Sales

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe the main features in High Velocity Sales.
  • Explain how to access High Velocity Sales.


You’re a new sales rep at Cloud Kicks, a personal apparel company that makes personalized sneakers popular with celebrities, athletes, and tech industry influencers.

People running while wearing Cloud Kicks sneakers

Cloud Kicks has been around for a little while, and has recently received a ton of attention for their latest product, Green Kicks—a line of sneakers that are made with natural, locally sourced, gluten-free materials. And for every pair bought, an extra pair is donated to a needy family.

Due to their popularity with consumers of all ages, Cloud Kicks has been overwhelmed with inquiries from retailers. These retailers include the full range, from local independent running stores, online sneaker shops, and even some national department stores. You’ve been brought in to quickly work through this growing pipeline of leads and sell the new Green Kicks into as many new retail stores as possible.

Candace Evans, an experienced sales rep, is helping you get ramped up. And your manager, Jose Figueroa, is hoping you can get up to speed quickly.

Jose and Candace in the Cloud Kicks office welcoming you to the company

Inside Sales Shoes Aren’t Made for Walking

As a sales rep at Cloud Kicks, you spend most of your time in the office, making calls and managing deals over email and video chat. You’ve heard this referred to as inside sales, and it’s a growing trend in the industry. Modern sales reps are spending far less time making in-person visits and far more time interacting with clients through digital channels. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (referenced from TOPO 2015) estimates that time spent on inside sales nearly doubled over the past 10 years.

Graph showing inside sales growth

You’re glad that Cloud Kicks is already using Salesforce for most of your sales processes. It’s definitely made the process of tracking and completing sales deals easier. But you’re still using a separate application to manage lead information. And you’re working with multiple spreadsheets to handle your daily agenda and track tasks related to different prospects.

You find that Candace seems to be whipping through her leads and seems much more efficient than you are. You ask her what her secret is, and she mentions that she’s testing a new Salesforce product that allows her to manage nearly everything in Salesforce so she can spend most of her time doing what she does best: selling.

Introducing High Velocity Sales

Intrigued, you reach out to your manager Jose about getting to test the new product. He mentions that it’s called High Velocity Sales—a streamlined solution tailored to inside sales teams to speed up the sales process.

He starts to go on, but then you ask, “Can you just show me how it’s used?”

Jose smiles, “Shoe betcha.”

He shows you his monitor and explains that High Velocity Sales is built on the Lightning Sales Console, which provides you with everything you need in a tab-based workspace.

High Velocity Sales app with callouts

You’re struck by how many of the Salesforce elements you’re used to using are all available in one place: There’s a highlights panel (1), the familiar workspace (2), and useful related lists (3).

Navigation Menu and Work Queue in High Velocity Sales

Jose clicks around the top and you see that you can navigate between different tabs with ease. He shows you how to switch between objects with the Navigation Menu (4), and how you can access your Work Queue (5) at the side of your workspace.

You’re not sure what all that means, but you’re impressed with how everything is presented conveniently in one place. Jose explains that the Work Queue provides a prioritized list of emails, calls, and custom sales actions. And that it’s divided into two separate tabs.

  1. Sales Cadences: These are sequences of activities created by Jose for different types of prospective customers. For example, Jose’s created a specific sequence for handling leads from the recent Shoetacular Trade Show.
  2. My List: These are separate one-off calls and emails that aren’t tied to a sales cadence, like if you need to follow up with DreamHouse Realty about a seasonal discount.

It looks like the layout of High Velocity Sales allows you to handle everything on a single page, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

Jose agrees to include you as part of the pilot, and says Linda, the Salesforce admin, will turn on High Velocity Sales for you later this morning.

Linda the Salesforce admin

Getting Started with High Velocity Sales

You’re excited to start using the product. Later that morning, you see Linda at your desk, and she says she has a few spare minutes to help you get started.

Linda tells you that in addition to High Velocity Sales, you’re also getting access to a few optional features that you weren’t using before: Lightning Dialer, Einstein Activity Capture, and Einstein Lead Scoring.

She mentions that the features may be new to you, but they’ve been making things easier for other sales reps using Salesforce for some time now.

  • Lightning Dialer: It’s Salesforce’s in-app calling solution! Make and receive calls, take notes, leave prerecorded voicemail messages, and track call results, all natively within Salesforce.
  • Einstein Activity Capture: Save time by syncing your email and calendar with Salesforce. Email and events are automatically added to the activity timeline of related records. If Einstein Activity Capture is turned on, users are prompted to connect their email accounts and calendars to Salesforce. Until they do so, they can’t send emails in Lightning Experience.
  • Einstein Lead Scoring: Prioritize your most valuable leads with a numeric score to see which leads are the most likely to convert.

Linda says that not all these features are required, but they’re recommended to get the most out of High Velocity Sales. And Jose’s made them all available to folks piloting the product.

Linda mentions how easy it is to access High Velocity Sales: from the App Launcher (App Launcher icon), find and select High Velocity Sales.

Screenshot of the App Launcher with the High Velocity Sales app selected

You notice that you’re prompted to enable Lightning Dialer and Einstein Activity Capture, both of which only take a few minutes to complete.

So you can find out more about High Velocity Sales, Linda points you to the Salesforce Help site—a great place to learn more details about Lightning Dialer, Einstein Activity Capture, and Einstein Lead Scoring. Then she mentions something about her weekly podiatrist appointment and wanders off.

Looks like you’re ready to get started!


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