Explore the Workspace

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Explain what’s offered on the High Velocity Sales Home page.
  • List the benefits of using the split view.
  • Describe how to add records to the Work Queue.

Welcome Home

After navigating to the High Velocity Sales app, you find yourself on the Home page. You see that it includes a link to the Work Queue that Jose mentioned before. You also see other custom reports and components that Jose thought would be helpful.

Home page in High Velocity Sales

You also notice a sticky note Linda pasted to the corner of your monitor: “Useful tip! Pin the Home page to your workspace by Ctrl (or Cmd)+clicking Home from the Navigation Menu and then pinning the tab to your workspace.”

That Linda, what a character. She’s full of all sorts of great advice. You see that you can easily pin the Home tab (or any other record) by clicking the dropdown arrow and selecting Pin Tab.

Screenshot of the dropdown menu on a tab in the Lightning Console

Basic Navigation

You click around the different tabs at the top. Things seem different… but in a good way. It’s easy to access all the record details that you’re used to seeing. You notice something else in the corner of some records: a score about how likely a lead is to convert.

Lead record detail page with the Lead Score displayed

This must be the Lead Scoring feature that Linda was talking about. Having this information will definitely make it easier for you to prioritize your leads.

You remember from Jose’s tour that one useful feature is switching between different views.

Screenshot showing the Display menu options

You can use the different display options for different purposes. For example, you’re already familiar with how the Table view allows you to have full control over different list views for different objects. On the other hand, Split View allows you to access these same list views while still seeing record details in the main workspace.

And some components, like the Work Queue, are only available in Split View. It definitely seems like High Velocity Sales is designed to maximize your productivity in a single view.

Exploring the Navigation Menu a bit more, you spot Sales Cadences as an available option. It looks like you can easily access details about the different sales cadences that Jose’s created.

Sales Cadence Builder screenshot

It doesn’t look like you can create sales cadences yourself, but it’s nice that you can access details about them.

Adding to Your Work Queue

You select the Work Queue from the Navigation Menu. Just like Jose described, there are two tabs: Sales Cadences and My List. But the lists are empty; there isn’t anything there.

You’re not sure what to do. You haven’t bothered Candace in a while, so you decide to message her over ShoeChat.

You: I’m not seeing anything in my Work Queue!

Candace: Hmmm, I’ll ask Jose to add some of your prospects to sales cadences.

You: Thanks C! You’re a lifesaver

Candace: You can add them yourself if you want to.

You: Oh yeah? I’ll give it a shot

You figure that you should be able to add records to sales cadences from record detail pages. So you bring up the record of one of your contacts. Sure enough, there’s an Add to Sales Cadence option available from the record.

“But what about from list views?” you wonder. You switch over to the Table view for your contacts. Just like you suspected, there are options for adding records to sales cadences (and My List!) from the action dropdown.

Table view of Contacts with action dropdown options

Looks like this is the best way to add multiple records at the same time.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started working through your prospects for the day.

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