Connect with Your Prospects Fast

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe how records in the Work Queue are sorted.
  • Explain how to send emails and make calls from the Work Queue.

Filters and Record Sorting

OK, you’re ready to get started with handling your prospects. You’ve blocked off the next few hours on your calendar because this usually takes a lot of time.

Looking at your Work Queue, you notice it’s filled with a few dozen records spread across multiple sales cadences. Jose must have added some of your prospects already. Your leads are already sorted by lead score, and records without an associated score are in alphabetical order. You can also sort records by last modified date, due date, created date, or a third-party score.

Work Queue filled with records

To focus on a smaller set of prospects, you can use different filters. It looks like you can filter records by due date, activity type, and sales cadence name. This will definitely make it easier to identify the prospects that you want to address first.

Email in High Velocity Sales

You spot one of your top leads and click the email icon to get started. The record detail page for the lead automatically appears. An email template appears that has the information you need already filled out.

Lead page with email template

After adding your details to the email, you click Send. Wow, that took way less time than you thought it would. You also notice that with Einstein Activity Capture, the activity’s automatically logged in the activity timeline.

You start working your way down the list of prospects in your Work Queue, and before you know it, you’ve finished sending emails to all the prospects you needed to reach.

Press Pause with Dialer

You decide to start tackling some calls next. You’ve got more time than you expected, so you poke around some of the Dialer Settings before tackling your first call for the day.

You come across the Voicemail Settings page and see a section for voicemail drop messages.

Voicemail Settings page

“What’s a voicemail drop?” you wonder.

Turns out, you can record messages to leave when you make a call and get someone else’s voicemail. And with the ability to record multiple messages, you can leave different voicemail messages for different types of prospects.

That saves you the trouble of leaving a message every time you get a customer’s voicemail. How amazing is that! You record a few voicemail drop messages before getting back to your Work Queue.

Calling in High Velocity Sales

OK, let’s see if the calling experience is as fast as the email experience. You click the call button next to a contact record. It’s for Sunny, a potential customer from a recent trade show. You see that Sunny’s record detail page automatically appears.

Active dialer panel and call script

Like with emails, you see that Jose’s prepared a template to make things even easier for you; a call script appears to help aid your call. Sunny picks up, and she’s interested in ordering Green Kicks for her running stores if she can secure a discount rate. You’re fairly sure you can get it approved due to the order volume, but you need to check with Jose to be sure.

You take notes about this in the call panel, and thank Sunny for her time. You also make sure to add her to My List so you don’t forget to send her an email about the discount when you hear back from Jose.

At that moment, Candace comes by to see if you want to grab a cup of coffee. This is usually the busiest time of your day, but you’ve saved enough time to join her. She asks how things are going, and you tell her how useful you’re finding High Velocity Sales in general, and Lightning Dialer in particular.

“Oh, you haven’t heard the half of it!”

Candace explains that Lightning Dialer is full of useful features that you may not be aware of. And it isn’t difficult to integrate other telephony solutions with High Velocity Sales as well.

You come back to your desk, and find that Linda’s struck again with another sticky note.

Computer monitor with a sticky note stuck to it

“Useful tip! Click the Start Calling button to easily go through a list of calls one after another. Overheard you and Candace talking about Dialer. It’s great, right? Also, I like taking coffee breaks too.”

You think about Linda and how she fit all that into a sticky note before turning back to work.

She’s right. You click Start Calling and go through your list of calls. It’s so easy with all the information right in front of you, and voicemail drop is your favorite new feature.

Before long, you’re done with all your calls. The best part? You didn’t need to manually update any Salesforce records and the calling experience was even more efficient than sending emails in High Velocity Sales!

You’re starting to realize how High Velocity Sales became a game changer for Candace. Like her, you can save time and work more efficiently.


  • 各自のキャリア目標に合わせてパーソナライズされたおすすめが表示される
  • ハンズオン Challenge やテストでスキルを練習できる
  • 進捗状況を追跡して上司と共有できる
  • メンターやキャリアチャンスと繋がることができる