Use Reports to Make Sales Cadences Effective

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe the challenges sales managers face when evaluating their sales practices.
  • Describe the reports included with High Velocity Sales.
  • Explain how to use reports to improve your sales cadence effectiveness.

Find Out How Prospects Are Responding

A couple of weeks have gone by since you and Jose launched your first sales cadence. Your sales team has been enjoying their newfound ability to concentrate on selling to customers without all the administrative work. But Jose wants to know whether your sales cadence is delivering the best results possible. He’s wondering whether you should make changes to it or possibly add more sales cadences to your arsenal.

Jose is really curious to see how many prospects have been through the entire Website Sneaker Leads sales cadence, and which emails, calls, text messages, or other outreaches are most successful. To answer these questions, you can look at the built-in reports included with HVS.

First, you and Jose go to the Sample Sales Reports folder in the Reports tab and open the Sales Cadence Completion Reason Report. For cadences that have had contacts or leads added within the past 30 days, this report shows the percentage of prospects that exited the sales cadence by completing all the sales cadence steps, converting to an opportunity, or being manually removed by a sales rep or manager.

The Sales Cadence Completion Reason Report

You see that not very many prospects are converting. Jose suggests building a new sales cadence with more email steps. You could also consider changes to the language in the email template.

Now that you see how many prospects are finishing the Green Kicks Leads sales cadence, you also want to know how many of them are opening your emails. A look at the Sales Cadence Engagement Report shows you which sales cadences and which outreach steps are generating the most prospect engagement, such as email opened.

The Sales Cadence Engagement Report

A quick look at the report tells you that your Sneaker Leads sales cadence has resulted in 478 opened emails.

With the Call Activity and Lead Conversion reports, you can see which sales reps are really cranking through their prospects and how many of your Green Kicks leads are converting to actual customers. If you have specific questions or want to look more deeply at your sales cadence performance, you can build a custom report based on the Sales Cadence object.

Jose mentions he’d like to add the converted Green Kicks leads, which are now contacts in Salesforce, to another sales cadence to cross-sell them Cloud Kicks’ new casual hemp apparel line that was just introduced.

You and Jose have worked hard to grow your sales team. With HVS, you’ve enabled them to do their best work. It’s a relief knowing they don’t have to spend time on tracking leads or figuring out how to connect with them. Now you know you can create the sales playbooks you need, let your reps concentrate on selling, and clearly see their results. And with HVS, the Work Queue, sales cadences, and reports, you and Jose can concentrate on imagining the best sales process for your business, knowing that implementing them in Salesforce is quick and easy.


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  • ハンズオン Challenge やテストでスキルを練習できる
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