Build Sales Cadences

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Build a sales cadence.
  • Add prospects to sales cadences.
  • Identify the ways of viewing a sales cadence.
  • Describe where sales reps see sales cadences.

Build Your Playbook

Now that Jose has convinced you that sales cadences are the way to go, you definitely want to see how they really work.

You build your sales cadences from the High Velocity Sales app in Salesforce. The HVS app appears as a console view, which includes the Work Queue and everything your sales reps need to work on their prospects. The console view also makes it easy to see everything you need to create and manage your sales cadences. Once you build a sales cadence, you can see exactly how the Work Queue gets populated.

The Work Queue.

Building a sales cadence is simple. You just create a sales cadence record and then add your sales outreach steps to it in the Sales Cadence Builder. The only challenging part is deciding what outreach you want your sales reps to do!

To add a sales cadence, just choose Sales Cadences from the Navigation menu in the HVS app. Now you’re ready to build a sales cadence that your reps can follow in their Work Queue.

Choosing the New action in the Sales Cadences tab.

Click New (1) and give your sales cadence a name (2). Since you’re building one for Cloud Kicks’ sneaker leads, you can call it Sneaker Leads. Use the description to remind your colleagues what your sales cadence is for.

The New Sales Cadence form.

And just like that, you’re ready to start adding outreach steps in the Sales Cadence Builder.

To add your first step, just click the plus (+) icon on the canvas. For the first step in your Website Sneaker Leads sales cadence, you and Jose decide that sales reps should send an email, so you add an email step. You can send an email automatically or manually. For this email, we’ll have the sales rep send it manually. For every sales step, you add a name (3) and, if you want, a description (4).

Adding an email step to the sales cadence.

You can also choose an email template (5) for your sales reps to use for the first outreach. This lets them send their emails quickly with the same Green Kicks messaging every time. And with call steps, you can pick a call script, so reps know just what to say to prospective Green Kicks customers. When reps make the call from the Work Queue, the script appears automatically in their HVS workspace. When you use an email template or a call script for a step, its name appears below the step in the Sales Cadence Builder. Click the name to see a preview.

Choosing an email template for the email step.

When you’re finished with the details for each outreach step, you need to save it.

Jose is looking over your shoulder, excited that you’re going to be moving prospects through your sales funnel way faster. Jose also wants to use social media to reach out to prospects. What a good idea. For that, you just need to click the plus (+) icon once again, and choose a custom step. Use custom steps for anything you want, like text messages, LinkedIn InMail, face-to-face meetings, or anything that fits your business.

You ask Jose how much time should pass between that first Green Kicks email and the social media message. Since you don’t want your prospects to forget about you, he says 1 day.

You can wait between 1 hour and 60 days after any outreach. To add the wait of 1 day between the first email and your social media outreach, click the plus (+) icon and choose a wait step. Just set the wait for 1 day and save it. This way, the prospect won’t show up in the sales rep’s work queue until 1 day after they send the first email.

Adding a wait step.

After the wait, you can have your sales reps send their Green Kicks leads a text message. For that, you add a custom step and use the description field to tell reps to send a text message to the lead.

Adding a custom step.

To add flexibility to your sales cadences, create a branch in the outreach sequence after a call step or an email step. With a branch, you can have sales reps do one kind of follow-up if a call goes well or a target opens an email, and another if they don’t.

A sales cadence branch based on Call Result.

You and Jose decide to try a two-step sales cadence for now. You can always create a longer one later if you want. After adding and saving that last step, you’re ready to activate your sales cadence. When activated, you won’t be able to edit it any longer, but you can start adding prospects to it.

Add Your Prospects

Jose can’t wait to see what happens when you add a lead or two to the new sales cadence. You go to the lead detail page for Albin Bunting, who just visited your website, and just click Add to Sales Cadence. Select the Sneaker Leads sales cadence. Then choose whether you want the lead owner, yourself, or another High Velocity Sales user to work the lead through the sales cadence, and you’re done!

Viewing a lead record in the HVS app.

Now that you have a sales cadence with some prospects, your sales reps can see the sales cadence along with which prospects are due for each step in their Work Queue in the HVS app.

But as sales managers, you and Jose can stay in the Sales app (1), where you can see all your sales cadences, and add prospects (2).

A lead record in the Sales app.

In the Sales app, the Sales Cadences tab lets you see all your sales cadences and the prospects assigned to each of them.

The Sales Cadence Targets related list shows you all the prospects added to the sales cadence (3), along with which sales step the prospect is due for next (4). You can also add prospects to your sales cadences from the Sales app.

The Sales Cadence Targets related list.

That’s it. You and Jose have started your High Velocity Sales journey. After your reps have a chance to work their prospects through sales cadences, you can start to look at the results and find opportunities to make your sales process even more effective.

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