Start Research and Discovery

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe when Financial Services Cloud is right for a business.
  • Select key questions to prepare for your customer conversation.

Come One, Come All

Financial Services Cloud is not only an extension of the Salesforce platform, it’s a product that can be sold to any financial services firm. As a Salesforce partner, it’s important to listen to your customers and identify the ones that benefit most from Financial Services Cloud. Here are a few you might want to target: 

Wealth and Asset Management

  • Private banks—Personalized financial services that include estate planning, business succession, and stock option planning for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI)
  • Registered investment advisor (RIA) shops—Small family offices


  • Business-to-consumer (B2C)—Banking services sold directly to consumers, like checking and savings accounts or home and auto loans
  • Business-to-business (B2B)—Banking services sold directly to businesses, like payroll and merchant services, international financing, and retirement plan services


  • Life and annuities—Life insurance and products for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses
  • Property and casualty (P&C)—Personal and commercial coverage for auto, home, property, and liability needs

While we only name a few examples here, it’s a best practice to always pitch Financial Services Cloud to any financial services prospect.

The Art of Asking Questions

Next, let’s dig into some questions to get your Financial Services Cloud conversation started.

Carriage driver asking the bank employee a question

Wealth and Asset Management

  • What’s your customer-facing digital strategy? Does your advisor’s desktop integrate technology platforms like CRM, financial planning software, or proposal management?
  • What’s your artificial intelligence strategy? How will customers, advisors, services, products, and marketing benefit from it?
  • What are you doing to automate, simplify, and personalize your advisor desktop solutions to become client-centric?


  • How do you enable your bankers to address the needs of their customers both in sales and service situations?
  • Tell me about a typical sales or service interaction with your bankers. How long does it take, and how many systems do the bankers access?
  • How do you enable your bankers to have a complete picture and understanding of the customer’s situation?


  • Tell me how your agents get the full picture of their customers and their broader relationships.
  • How do your agents balance their workload so they can focus on the most profitable customers?
  • What happens when an agent gets a service request? How do they handle follow-ups, and how do they recognize and act on upsell or cross-sell opportunities?

 As you ask your prospects these questions, keep an ear out for the following responses:

If you hear...
Then reply with...
Our advisors, bankers, and agents use sticky notes to track customer information.
With Financial Services Cloud and Lightning Experience, you can easily manage and track interactions with customers using tasks and notes.
Our advisors, bankers, and agents access multiple systems to complete day-to-day tasks.
With Financial Services Cloud, advisors, bankers, and agents easily see all the information they need in one place, eliminating their need to toggle between multiple systems.
Our advisors, bankers, and agents spend a lot of time on non-productive tasks.
With Financial Services Cloud, advisors, bankers, and agents use engagement cards to manage their day and focus on their most important tasks. Since Financial Services Cloud has all the information you need in one place, it also saves time looking through disconnected systems to put together customer stories.
Our advisors, bankers, and agents have access to a ton of information—more than they know what to do with.
With Financial Services Cloud, advisors, bankers, and agents see the most relevant information for their customers. They even customize accounts that display financial data—such as policies, bank accounts, and investment accounts—to create summaries for their customers.

Practice makes perfect, so get out there and start your Financial Services Cloud deal!


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