Learn Product Basics

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List key features of Financial Services Cloud.
  • Describe the benefits of each feature.

The Equipment We Bring to Every Meeting

As a partner going into a meeting with a prospect, you want to make sure that you pack all the right knowledge and equipment to help your team succeed.

You learned that Financial Services Cloud is built on top of both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. That means that financial services institutions in the wealth and asset management, banking, and insurance verticals can get all those features in a single product. The wide range of features lets advisors, bankers, and agents better understand:

  • Who their customers are and what drives them.
  • How their customers are related to other financial institutions.
  • How they can personalize every interaction with their customers.

In this unit, we break down eight of our favorite features into these three categories. Let’s take a look. 

Knowing Your Customer Is Power

Financial Services Cloud helps advisors, bankers, and agents clearly understand their customers—who they are, what they want, and what they expect—with these three handy features. 

What It Is
How It Benefits Advisors, Bankers, and Agents
Financial Services Data Model and Console
Tools and user interfaces built specifically for financial services
It increases their productivity by tailoring their user interfaces based on their roles.
Relationship Builder and Map
Features that create visual representations of how a customer is connected to other people, trusts, and business groups
It helps them visualize customer and household relationships and identify centers of influence.
Person and Business Accounts
Features to view an individual’s personal and business information in one place.

It provides the flexibility to view customer information so the financial services provider is best able to assist the individual and grow revenue.

Better Relate to Your Customer

Even if you have a good grasp of who your customers are, there are many ways to get to know them even better. Let’s explore how the following Financial Services Cloud features help advisors, bankers, and agents do just that. 

What It Is
How It Benefits Advisors, Bankers, and Agents
Financial Account Data and Rollups
A feature that lets a financial services provider see common account types like loans, deposits, and credit cards
It gives them visibility into a customer’s financial accounts and holdings, so they deliver products and services relevant to their customer’s needs.
Cases and Alerts
A feature that links customers, financial accounts, or households to specific issues
It displays all the information they need to resolve service cases—such as overdue balances and upcoming quarterly reviews—quickly.
Action Plans
A feature to create a repeatable set of tasks based on any business process
It helps employees deliver consistent customer engagements that are compliant with government regulations and bank policies.

Customers Want Personalization

Really, it’s true. Customers expect to be treated like humans, not numbers. And with that comes the need to provide them with immediate and tailored customer care. 

Bank employee greeting a carriage driver

Financial services providers are able to pinpoint and prioritize customer needs using these two Financial Services Cloud features. 

What It Is
How It Benefits Advisors, Bankers, and Agents
Intelligent Needs-Based Referrals
A feature that captures, refers, routes, and prioritizes customer needs across business lines
It routes referrals to the person best equipped to deliver the most relevant solutions based on customer needs. It also provides insight into the quality and origin of the referrals.
A powerful, flexible survey tool with the ability to relate and view survey results in Salesforce records
It improves customer feedback with targeted survey questions.

Now that you understand the inner workings of Financial Services Cloud, let’s dig into the research and discovery process.


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