Get Started with Financial Services Cloud



In this module, we refer to:

  • The accounts you sell to as financial services providers.
  • A financial services provider’s customers as customers.

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe Financial Services Cloud.
  • List three verticals to target with Financial Services Cloud.

The Changing Landscape of the Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry is entering an era of full connectivity, where customers expect businesses to anticipate and meet their needs in real time. In fact, the customer experience is about so much more than just the sales pitch—it’s about being heard, and feeling a connection to the businesses they interact with. If customers don’t get consistent, proactive, and personalized end-to-end experiences, it’s easy for them to take their business elsewhere.

Here at Salesforce, we give financial services providers a competitive edge in meeting rising customer expectations with a little piece of awesomeness we call Financial Services Cloud.

The Start of a New Frontier

Financial Services Cloud is leading the financial services industry into a new frontier. 

A cowgirl driving into a city called “Financial Services Cloud”

We built Financial Services Cloud to reduce the amount of time advisors, bankers, and agents spend on routine administrative tasks. This gives them more time to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with their customers.
  • Focus on customer needs by becoming customer-centric rather than product- or transaction-centric.
  • Provide their customers with personalized experiences and goal-based advice.

Take a peek at this video to get a quick overview.

Financial Services Cloud is built entirely on Salesforce Customer 360, on top of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. It does everything both clouds do. But it also has features specifically for the financial services industry, such as workflows and data models, to help financial services providers in every area.

So hop on board! Always pitch Financial Services Cloud to any financial services prospect.

Meet the Verticals

In this module, we focus on how Financial Services Cloud helps financial services providers succeed in the following three verticals:

  • Wealth and asset management—Assists their clients in growing and protecting their wealth
  • Banking—Lends, holds, and invests money for customers and businesses
  • Insurance—Shares risk among a group of people

Throughout this module, we refer to a financial services provider’s customers as customers. However, as a Salesforce partner, you’ll want to refer to them based on your prospect’s vertical: 

  • Clients in wealth and asset management.
  • Customers in banking.
  • Consumers in insurance, if they’re new customers, or policyholders, if they’re existing customers.

Now that you’re familiar with the lingo of the financial services industry, let’s explore how financial services providers use Financial Services Cloud to solve their challenges.


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