Explore Salesforce Solutions for Customer- and Market-Driven Companies

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how Salesforce solutions help you deliver customer-driven and market-driven results.
  • Identify the Salesforce solutions enabling customer-driven and market-driven behaviors.

Salesforce Enables Customer-Driven and Market-Driven Activities

It’s time to pull it all together with Salesforce—yes, at last, you say! Having a guiding conceptual framework is great, but we also need to know how technology solutions fit in. Let’s take a closer look at how Salesforce can help turn your company into a customer- and market-driven rock star.

First, let’s see how our framework of customer- and market-driven companies aligns with just a few of the many things that Salesforce can do. Looking at Figure 7, we can see that Salesforce solutions enable the desired levers, activities, and outcomes.

Salesforce enables companies to be customer- and market-driven

Figure 7. Salesforce enables companies to be customer- and market-driven

Taking it a step farther, Figure 8 shows how specific Salesforce solutions enable the three essential activities of customer- and market-driven organizations.

Map of Salesforce Solutions to Customer- and market-driven concepts

Figure 8. Map of Salesforce solutions to customer- and market-driven concepts

The beauty is that each company can utilize Salesforce in a way that suits them best. For example, General Electric uses Salesforce to generate intelligence, analyze and share it, and respond by developing better products.

'Salesforce gives everyone the synthesis of the data that we need to really know our customers. We can build a community of service professionals around a machine to help reduce maintenance costs and increase engine lifespan. Social will help us deliver a better engine than ever before.' Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer, GE

These principles also work in the nonprofit sector. American Red Cross uses the Marketing Cloud to listen to social media conversations, gathering invaluable information during a disaster or monitoring public preparedness for a serious situation. Data gathered in its Digital Operations Center can also help determine where to position workers on the ground.

'Marketing Cloud gives us ways to measure the effectiveness of our community outreach…It helps us to gather and analyze information so we can focus on turning what we learn intoactionable strategies.' Laura Howe, Vice President of Public Relations, American Red Cross


As you can see from the figures above, Salesforce solutions both support and enable the three essential activities of customer- and market-driven organizations. They also help organizations with their levers to influence the execution of these activities.

All you need to do now is identify which solutions can help your organization the most.