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Determine How Bundled Quote Lines Behave After Configuration

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Control quantity behavior on the Quote Line Editor.
  • Determine if an option is visible in the Quote Line Editor.

Follow Along with Trail Together

Want to follow along with an expert as you work through this step? Take a look at this video, part of the Trail Together series on Trailhead Live. 

(This clip starts at the 52:16 minute mark, in case you want to rewind and watch the beginning of the step again.)


In the last unit, you saw how product options determine which products are bundled together, and you learned a few ways to control the configuration experience. Now let’s take a look at what happens after configuration. When sales reps click Save on a configuration, the Quote Line Editor shows the result of their work in the form of new quote lines. As it turns out, there are product option fields that affect what happens when bundles are added to the quote as quote lines. Knowing a few tricks about these product option fields can help make you a bundling expert.

Option Type

When you build a bundle, one of the most important things to decide is how to handle option quantity while on the Quote Line Editor. Sales reps can typically change quantity on the Quote Line Editor, but if you’re trying to control quantities within the bundle you may not want them to make changes. The Option Type field on the option tells Salesforce CPQ exactly what to do with quantity.

In the table, you can see that even though the quantity of the option is always 2, and the quantity of the bundle is always 3, the quantity of the quote line behaves differently for every Option Type.

Option Type
on the option
of the bundle
of the quote line
CPQ multiplies the option quantity by the bundle quantity, and locks the result
You always include 2 batteries for every flashlight bundle you sell
2 batteries
3 flashlights
6 batteries (not editable)
CPQ uses the option quantity regardless of bundle quantity, and locks the result
You always include exactly 2 master keys, regardless of how many door/lock bundles you sell
2 master keys
3 doors
2 master keys (not editable)
Related Product
CPQ uses the option quantity regardless of bundle quantity, but allows changes after configuration
You usually include 2 reams of paper when selling printer bundles, but it’s okay to sell more without requiring reconfiguration
2 reams of paper
3 printers
2 reams of paper (editable)

Note: Be careful when using Related Products, since sales reps can change their quantities in the Quote Line Editor. You can set up a bundle to control what changes the sales rep can make during configuration, but those controls are not in effect after configuration on the Quote Line Editor.

Quote Line Visibility

Now imagine that we have a printer instruction manual that we need to include in the printer bundle. By default, the printer instructions appear on the Configure Products page, the Quote Line Editor, and the final output document.
Configure Products Page, Quote Line Editor page, and generated document

But what if we don’t want it to appear in the Quote Line Editor or the output document? After all, the instruction manual isn’t ever discounted. Thankfully, there’s a product option field for just this scenario. The Quote Line Visibility field on the option is a picklist that determines when options are seen after configuration. Here are the settings.

  • Document Only: Hides the item from the Quote Line Editor, shows it on the output document.
  • Editor Only: Hides the item from the output document, shows it in the Quote Line Editor.
  • Never: Hides it from both Quote Line Editor and the output document.
  • Always (or blank): Shows item in both Quote Line Editor and output document.


In this unit, you learned how to set up options to control their visibility after configuration and determine how Salesforce CPQ handles option quantities on the Quote Line Editor. Next, we investigate how to handle bundles that have lots of options, and bundles that limit how many options reps can select at one time.


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