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You put the "I" in impact. You bring innovation to life, bridging the gap between business requirements and technology. For your company, this means automating complex business processes, creating reports and dashboards, and training users on Salesforce. For your team, it means helping them stay efficient and on top of things while keeping an eye on their successes and customer relationships.

What’s Salesforce? Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that gives every business teamā —from sales and marketing to commerce, service, and beyond—a single, shared view of every customer.
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A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Administrator

Start the day reviewing your to-do list. Top priority: A Sales Manager needs help building a report for a big deal she’s working on.
Grab a coffee with a colleague and ask how they’re using Salesforce in their day-to-day work. You use this feedback to inform how you customize and optimize Salesforce for other colleagues.
After Lunch
Last week, you created a comprehensive dashboard of the Sales Pipeline for an executive. You check in to make sure it’s meeting their needs.
Your company is gearing up for a new product launch. To help make this launch a success, you customize Salesforce to communicate about the product, track product inventory & specifications, and make it easy for Sales teams to sell it from any device.
End of Day
You notice colleagues manually posting to a Chatter group whenever an Opportunity gets updated. Looks like an opportunity for automation! You plan out how you’d do it and make a note to pitch to the team tomorrow.
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Scott Luikart
Sr. Salesforce Administrator
Whole Foods Market
Austin, TX, United States
Shonnah Hughes
Product Evangelist
GetFeedback, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Gina Marques
CRM Manager
Princeton, NJ, United States
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