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Business Administration Specialist

Brighten up a new business unit with the Salesforce tools the team needs to succeed.

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Business Administration Specialist

Ce que vous devez accomplir pour gagner ce superbadge

  1. Clean and import account data
  2. Create users and manage access
  3. Create email templates for new marketing needs
  4. Configure UI tools for a new product type
  5. Create reports and dashboards
  6. Manage and apply Chatter tools

Concepts testés avec ce Superbadge

  • Data import
  • User permissions and management
  • Email templates
  • UI configuration
  • Reports and dashboards in Lightning Experience
  • Chatter features


Before you begin the challenges, please review Business Administration Specialist: Trailhead Challenge Help.

Review the help article relating to superbadge challenges for more information about credential security.

Prework and Notes

  • Grab a pen and paper. You may want to jot down notes as you read the requirements.

  • Create a new Trailhead Playground for this superbadge. Using this org for any other reason might create problems when validating challenges.

  • Install the unmanaged package (package ID 04t34000001IqqV) to implement Residential Sales assets. If you have trouble installing a managed or unmanaged package or app from AppExchange, follow the steps in this article.

  • Some of the terminology used in this superbadge is descriptive and may not match the name as it appears in the UI. This is to test your knowledge of Salesforce features and to find the correct one to satisfy a business need.

Use Case

Ursa Major Solar, Inc., is a successful supplier of solar energy components and systems. And just like the universe, it’s expanding. Solar energy production in the United States nearly doubled in 2016 as efficient and cost-effective solar energy systems drew great public interest and adoption. Ursa Major Solar has been so successful in the utility market that they are expanding into the hot residential market with a dedicated Residential Sales team. You’ve been tapped as the business specialist on the team to help keep Salesforce humming.

As the business specialist on a new and growing team, you get to wear many hats. You add new teammates. You handle requests from Marketing to bring the team in line with branding requirements. You add and configure UI components to help the Residential Sales team be successful. You set the team up for collaboration on Chatter. You have fun!

Key Stakeholders

Your Chatter feed is full of feedback for the Residential Sales team from different departments. Your key stakeholders are:

  • April Hansen (marketing manager)

  • Gabriela Livingston (sales operations)

  • Maria Jimenez (system administrator)

  • Shinje Tashi (sales data quality specialist)

  • Ada Balewa (product support specialist)

  • Lincoln Ulrich (account executive)

  • Lance Park (sales representative)

  • Erin Donaghue (sales representative)

Standard Objects

Ursa Major Solar uses these standard objects:

  • Account—Customers who purchase from Ursa Major Solar

  • Contact—Prospective and existing customer contacts of Ursa Major Solar

  • Opportunity—Potential deals for customers or leads

  • Leads—Prospects or potential opportunities

  • Cases—Support issues of customers

Business Requirements

Data Management

April Hansen sent you a list of accounts the Marketing team pulled from a database of old residential customers who participated in a pilot project. The database was created when Ursa Major Solar was just a young dwarf star without data quality standards. This data needs to be cleaned up and then imported so the new team can start calling those customers.

Data Quality Standards

Account naming conventions are important to help users quickly find what they’re looking for and to allow filters to work properly. Ursa Major’s admin has set up the following rules:

  1. Account names should not be in all capital letters.
  2. All accounts must have a Type.
  3. All Billing States must use the two-letter state abbreviation instead of spelling out the full name.

Add Residential Account Type

Maria Jimenez normally adds new values to picklist fields, but she is out volunteering today. She asked you to add the value Residential to the Account object’s field Type.

User Management

You are a data quality hero, removing duplicates and fixing out-of-compliance records like a whiz-kid with a solar-powered jetpack. Like any superhero, you are stronger with a team. Add Shinje Tashi to focus on maintaining data quality, as well as the rest of the following user list, which Maria gave you.


Trailhead Playgrounds allow only one additional active Salesforce license user. To complete this challenge, create a user and save. If the user shouldn’t be active, select Edit and remove the check next to Active, then save again. The email address you fill in for a new user autopopulates to become that person’s username. Each username must be unique within Salesforce, but that’s not the case with email addresses. For this superbadge, fill in your own email address for new users. When their usernames autopopulate with your email address, replace that with a unique username by following this formula:

user’s first initial + user’s last name @ your initials + today’s date in a 6-digit format +

For example: Copy that unique Username to the Nickname as well.

Name Title Description Active
Ada Balewa Product Support Specialist The product support specialist needs the ability to delete Chatter posts and comments without a paid account. Yes
Lincoln Ulrich Account Executive This account executive should use the Standard User profile and the Customer Support, North America role. Lincoln needs to set up and execute marketing campaigns to his accounts. No
Lance Park Sales Representative This sales rep is on the Western Sales Team and should use the Custom: Sales Profile. Lance grew up in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish, so he prefers the Salesforce UI to be in that language (but everyone else should view Salesforce in English). No
Erin Donaghue Sales Representative This sales rep is part of the Eastern Sales Team and should use the Custom: Sales Profile. No
Shinje Tashi Sales Data Quality Specialist This sales data quality specialist supports the entire company and needs to be assigned a role that can see and access all account, contact, and opportunity records for the entire company. Use the Standard User profile and CEO role for the purpose of configuring this solution. Yes

Special Project

Ursa Major is piloting a program to improve customer support and increase repeat-customer rates through a Bilingual Service program. If the pilot is successful, Ursa Major plans to hire bilingual Account, Sales, and Support teams. Maria Jimenez added a "Language Preference" picklist field to the account object. For this pilot, provide Shinje Tashi access to the Language Preference field without modifying his profile. Name the solution you create for extending access Bilingual Pilot. After creating Lincoln, Lance, and Erin, make Shinje Tashi active to complete this requirement.

Account Reports and Dashboards

In preparation for the full Residential Sales team coming online, Gabriela asks you to create team and rep scoreboard dashboards and the background reports for these dashboards. The Sales Operations team can use the insights from these reports and dashboards to decide which customers to offer additional opportunities and renewals to.

Residential Reports

Create a folder called Residential Reports and store these reports there. Set reports to display data for all accounts and created dates of all time unless instructed otherwise.

Accounts by Market

First, Gabriela needs a breakdown of the account industry distribution between the utility accounts and the newly imported residential accounts. Create a matrix report (called Accounts by Market) that summarizes account types as rows (called Market) and account ratings as columns. Gabriela wants you to use the following account types (with all other types categorized as "Other"):

  • Utility
    • Include accounts of types Customer - Direct and Customer - Channel
  • Residential
    • Include accounts of type Residential

Gabriela also wants a record count for each account type and account rating. Don’t show details.

High Value Residential

The second report that Gabriela asks for can help the Sales Operations team focus attention on the most valuable residential accounts. Only residential accounts should be included.

Create a summary report (called High Value Residential) that groups by Account Name and summarizes (sum) Annual Revenue.

Rated Accounts by State

The Residential Sales team plans to divvy up accounts by territory as soon as Ursa Major’s residential business grows large enough. Until that time, they need a view into which states have the highest-rated accounts. To give the residential sales team a better idea of which territories to focus on, Gabriela requests you create a matrix report (called Rated Accounts by State) of residential accounts with Ratings in columns and Billing State/Province as rows. She just needs to know which states have the most highly rated accounts, so hide the details.

There should be a record count for state and account rating.

Open Support Cases

The Ursa Major Solar Residential Sales team loves their customers and strives to help them resolve their support issues. Whether it’s the family in town experiencing a faulty converter or the researcher in the desert with a loose panel banging in the wind, the team is here to help. To focus on the most pressing cases first, the team needs a report showing open cases for all accounts grouped first by Account Name then Priority.

Create a summary report (called Open Support Cases). The report should show details and only include the fields Case Owner, Subject, and Case Reason.

Residential Dashboards

Dashboards can help the new Residential Sales team understand which accounts are growing and which need attention. Your stakeholders came up with some guidelines for two dashboards. Create a folder called Residential Dashboards and store these dashboards there.

Team Scoreboard Dashboard

High-level dashboards help sales leaders make the big decisions. This dashboard, called Team Scoreboard, includes a breakdown of how many accounts are residential, the list of top-valued residential accounts, and a view of states with the highest-rated accounts. To help the sales team prioritize, include these three powerful components on the Team Scoreboard.

Title Subtitle Source Report Chart Details
Account Distribution Number of Accounts by Industry Type Accounts by Market
  • Donut Chart
  • Sliced By: Market
  • Sort Rows By: Label Ascending
  • Max Values Displayed: 2
  • Chart size: 6 cells wide and 11 cells high
Top Accounts Top 10 High Value Residential Accounts High Value Residential
  • Lightning Table
  • Sort Columns By: Value Descending
  • Max Values Displayed: 10
  • Chart size: 6 cells wide and 11 cells high
Ratings by State Rated Distribution of Accounts by State Rated Accounts by State
  • Stacked Vertical Bar Chart
  • Max Values Displayed: 15
  • Chart size: 12 cells wide and 8 cells high
Rep Scoreboard Dashboard

There’s no "I" in “team,” but there are six in “individual responsibility.” This dashboard, called Rep Scoreboard, contains the list of high-value accounts, rating distribution by state, and the list of open support cases. Users viewing this dashboard should only see data for themselves for these three components.

Title Subtitle Source Report Chart Details
My Top Accounts Top 5 High Value Residential Accounts High Value Residential
  • Lightning Table
  • Sort Columns By: Value Descending
  • Max Values Displayed: 5
  • Chart size: 4 cells wide and 7 cells high
Open Support Cases My Customers’ Open Support Cases Open Support Cases
  • Lightning Table
  • Max Values Displayed: 15
  • Chart size: 4 cells wide and 7 cells high
My Accounts by State Distribution of My Accounts by State Rated Accounts by State
  • Stacked Vertical Bar Chart
  • Max Values Displayed: 10
  • Chart size: 4 cells wide and 7 cells high

Marketing Mandate

Ursa Major Solar has built a proud brand since Sita Nagappan-Alvarez and her husband Roberto founded the company in 1996. The mission has not changed, but the company’s strategy and logo have evolved over the years. April and the Marketing team sent over the current graphic and messaging requirements for the Residential Sales team’s email communications. Configure your email signature and set up two preconfigured emails for the team to light up potential and current customers’ inboxes.

Email Signature

Email Signature Residential Sales Team
Ursa Major Solar, Inc.
We take a bite out of your energy bill.

Letterhead and Welcome Email



For best results, use Classic letterhead and email content

Letterhead Name Residential Sales Letterhead
Letterhead Header Logo Ursa Major Solar Logo from the Branding folder
Letterhead Top Line, Middle Line, and Bottom Line Color 106935
Preconfigured Email Name Residential Sales Welcome Email
Preconfigured Email Subject Welcome from Ursa Major Solar!
Preconfigured Email Copy Hey there [contact name merge field],
Did you know enough sunlight hits the earth in one hour to power the entire world economy for a year?
Did you know solar energy growth doubled last year?
Do you know why the electron crossed the road?
Contact your Ursa Major Solar Residential Sales Team to learn how you can save money on your monthly power bill while saving the planet!
Preconfigured Email Storage Location Residential Sales Emails
Email Access All users should have access to use and customize the email before sending it, but they shouldn’t have access to change the base version.

Standard Correspondence Email

Letterhead Residential Sales Letterhead
Preconfigured Email Name Residential Sales Correspondence
Preconfigured Email Subject **REPLACE WITH YOUR SUBJECT**
Preconfigured Email Copy Hello [contact name merge field],
Preconfigured Email Storage Location Residential Sales Emails

Platform Capabilities

You don’t treat 110v and 220v outlets the same (or you risk a fireworks show!), and Ursa Major Solar handles their residential business differently from their utility business. Residential customers have different priorities, equipment, installation processes, and timelines than a regional utility has, so a unique business approach makes sense. The Residential Sales team needs a subset of customer information to focus on, a specific business lifecycle built on the Opportunity object, and a way to differentiate whether the opportunity is Residential or Utility.

Business Lifecycle Name Residential Opportunities
Business Lifecycle Stages Prospecting
Value Proposition
Proposal/Price Quote
Closed Won
Closed Lost
Customer information page name Residential Opportunity Page
Customer information to display Same as Utility Opportunity Page but without:
  • Lead Source
  • Primary Campaign Source
  • Delivery/Installation Status
  • Main Competitor(s)
  • Current Generator(s)
And adding:
  • Quantity
Compact customer information label (name autopopulates) Residential Opportunity Compact View
Customer information on compact view Account Name
Record Type Label (name autopopulates) Residential Opportunity
Record Type Description For residential sales opportunities requiring that special Residential Sales touch
Record Type Settings Select to use the business lifecycle and customer information page for Residential Opportunities you created
Profiles with access to Residential Opportunity record type Custom: Sales Profile and System Administrator


The Residential Sales team is getting up and running, but it has a lot of product questions. While there is a product support specialist to help solve solar panel puzzles, there is no forum for queries and conversation among members of the team that is shielded from the broader organization. This team needs its own collaboration space to discuss sensitive topics like pricing strategies, product workarounds, and inside jokes.

  1. Name this space Residential Sales Product Collaboration.

  2. Assign a photo to the space that you think encourages collaboration.

  3. Give Ada Balewa the ability to delete posts and comments and to approve new members in the Residential Sales Team Product Collaboration space.

  4. Add Shinje Tashi so he can post questions, but he should not have access to accept members or delete other people’s posts.

  5. Provide a write-up visible to all users, whether or not they are in the space: "This collaboration space is for Residential Sales team members to ask product questions of one another and the Product Support Specialist team."

  6. For users with access to this space, provide additional details: "As a reminder, monthly webinars with the Product Support Specialist team are on the second Tuesday at 3:00 PM MT. Ask Lincoln Ulrich for the invite. For more information about using Salesforce, check out the Trailhead CRM Basics module."

  7. Within the collaboration space, create a multiple-choice post gauging the team’s familiarity with residential market products. Use the question "Which product are you most comfortable selling?" with the options Home Array, Home Battery, Home Starter Kit, and Home Starter Kit Deluxe.

  8. Within the collaboration space, @mention Ada Balewa and write, "Thank you so much for helping the team out like this. Without your brains, we couldn’t shine so brightly!"



Before you begin the challenges, please review Business Administration Specialist: Trailhead Challenge Help.

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