Clean Up and Publish Your Site

In the previous steps, you created a custom site, added pages to your site, and connected the navigation to your pages. In this step, you clean up your home page, add links, and finish building out your portfolio pages. 

Note: Be sure to check out our  Resume Writing Strategies module for inspiration on what to include on your site.

Before you start adding content, though, let’s clean up your home page so you can start with a clean slate.

Clean Up the Rest of Your Home Page

When you created the page using the Customer Account Portal template, some default sections, like My Open Cases, and Paused Flows, were included in your home page. You now remove those sections to clean up the page. 

Screen shot showing My Open Cases and Paused Flows sections

  1. Open your Home page.
  2. Click the My Open Cases  record list at the bottom of your page, and click the Recycle Bin icon to delete that section.
  3. Click the Paused Flows component, and click the Recycle Bin icon to delete that section.

You do not need that information on your home page. You can replace it with other information if you choose.

Employers will want to check out your social sites. It’s a great idea to show off your Salesforce knowledge by linking to your profile.

  1. Click into the Rich Content Editor Component > Quick Links on the right-hand side of your home page.
    Screenshot of the Builder page showing the quick links section
  2. Click Edit Content.
  3. Replace the text and the link to show some other sites your viewers can navigate to. Let’s start with a link to your Trailhead profile.
  4. Delete the existing text for the first link.
  5. Type My Trailhead Profile.
  6. Highlight the text and click the Link icon Link Iconin the Rich Text Editor. Paste the URL to your profile. Ensure Open in a new window is selected (you don’t want them to navigate away from your site).
  7. Add more links if you would like. Some examples can include:
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Blogs/articles you have written
    • Social media
    • Your school’s website
    • Charities/volunteer experience
  8. Click Preview and right-click a link. Select Open in a new tab. Check that the link opens the page you expected, then return back to your project tab, and click Back to Builder.
  9. Click Publish.
  10. Click Publish again.

OK, you’ve added your quick links. Now let’s populate the site with all the information you want an employer to know about you.

Build Out Your Pages

The content you add on each of your pages showcases not only your achievements, experience, and interests, but also showcases your organizational skills. Ensure that the content you add to each page is relevant, well-written, and ordered logically.

  1. On the Home tab, click the down arrow next to the Page Properties icon Gear Icon  and navigate to your About Me page.
  2. Click the Components button.
    Screenshot of Components panel with Rich Content Editor selected

  3. Drag the Rich Content Editor  (under the content heading) into the Content segment, or column 1.
  4. Write out some information about yourself so others can learn about who you are and your goals. You can also include a link to your current resume, or paste some content from your resume right into the Rich Text Editor. Make sure to complete the  Resume Writing Strategies Module if you haven’t already.
  5. Add a picture of yourself if you’d like.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 4 as desired for each of your pages. Here are some things you can include:
    • Links to projects you’ve worked on or apps you’ve created
    • Photos from volunteer events or clubs
    • Experience in leadership positions
    • Honors and awards
  7. Click Preview and check that each page is displaying how you’d like it to. Since you used Flexible Page Layouts, you can easily move things around on your page by clicking into the component and specifying column options, so if you’d like to change anything, go back to the builder and move things around and preview again.
  8. When you’re happy with your page, click Publish.
  9. Click Publish again.

Make Your Site Public

When you’re happy with the content of your site, it’s time to make it public so that you can send the link to potential employers and recruiters. It’s also a great idea to include the link in your LinkedIn profile and on your resume.

  1. Navigate back to your Home page.
  2. Click the Settings Component on the left-hand side. Click General.
  3. Select Public Can Access this Community.
  4. Click Publish.
  5. Click Publish one last time!

Open Settings and take a look at the URL from the General section. The URL should look similar to this:


Copy and paste it into an incognito window to ensure that you can access all the pages without logging in.


You’ve just created your very own portfolio on the Salesforce platform using the skills you learned on Trailhead. Share it with your family, mentors, recruiters, and of course, the Trailblazer Community. Broadcast it from the rooftops!



It’s a good idea to use a URL shortener to make it easier to share. Use your favorite URL shortener such as, for example.

Screenshot of finished site with three tabs, content, and quick links.

Because this acts as your portfolio to employers in the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s a good idea to add it to your Trailhead profile. Edit your profile and add your link to the My Website field. Notice that a link icon is displayed on your Trailhead profile.

Other suggestions for sharing:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Social profiles
  • Your resume
  • Email signature

Add More Customizations

You now have a great foundation for your site, and can continue to work on it. There are many other ways that you can customize your site, for example, you can include a headline, calendar, or even organize content on a page using tabs. Some suggestions for additional pages can include:

  • Demo of projects or apps
  • Certifications
  • Mentorship experiences
  • Volunteer experiences
  • Awards

This site is 100% yours—so have fun, try out new components, and learn as much as you can in the process. Consider adding other examples of your Salesforce skills. For inspiration, check out the Samples Gallery where you can explore sample apps and reference code, and learn best practices. Let Salesforce help you shine a spotlight on yourself—highlighting who you are and what you’ve accomplished—and let it be proof of your growing Salesforce skills!

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