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Volunteer Your Time

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the types of volunteer opportunities available in Philanthropy Cloud.
  • Find and sign up for a volunteer opportunity in Philanthropy Cloud.
  • Log your volunteer hours in Philanthropy Cloud.

Philanthropy Cloud empowers employees to lead their companies in philanthropic endeavors. With an integrated volunteering and giving solution, employees can choose which causes to support, whether to donate time, money, or both, and lets them see their contributions in real time. 

Lincoln Ulrich, Account Executive at Ursa Major Solar, Inc., participated in a new-hire volunteering event at a local food bank when he first started. It was a great way for Lincoln to meet colleagues from his company, represent Ursa Major Solar’s commitment to their local community, and satisfy his desire to give back to his community. 

The event at the food pantry was created and socialized by one of Lincoln’s colleagues who is passionate about food insecurity and grocery store waste. Any employee can be a champion for their cause in Philanthropy Cloud by taking an active role in creating content or organizing an event. In this case, Lincoln’s colleague was able to amplify her personal impact by getting her colleagues engaged with the event.

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

While workplace champions are a great way for employees to learn about volunteer opportunities, motivate colleagues to commit to volunteer time, and develop relationships based on shared interests, sometimes an employee like Lincoln prefers to find activities that meet their own personal passions. Philanthropy Cloud enables employees to easily find and sign up for volunteer opportunities by cause, type, or location. 

Lincoln was inspired by his initial volunteer activity at the food bank, and is motivated to find more volunteer opportunities that align with his interest around homelessness issues. Using advanced search filters, Lincoln can drill down and discover new and relevant opportunities from over 1.4 million causes in the system. Recommended opportunities are based on skills, causes, location, and engagement history. 

Let’s follow along as Lincoln searches for a way to use his work-related skills to help a nonprofit that serves homeless constituents. 



Using work-related skills in your volunteering is known as skills-based or pro bono volunteering. If you are interested in learning more about using your Salesforce skills to volunteer with a nonprofit, check out our Volunteer Your Salesforce Expertise trail listed in the Resources section of this Unit. 

Lincoln already selected his causes and skills for his profile, which will enable him to be matched to causes that interest him and fit his skill set. Lincoln enters “homeless” in the search text box and then selects the volunteer filter type to pare down his results. In the results, he notices an opportunity for No More Homelessness, which reminds him about the donation he made to that organization previously. He selects it.

Display of Search results for Homeless and Volunteering

Sign Up for a Volunteer Opportunity

Now that Lincoln has found the right opportunity, it’s time to sign up. He simply selects the item of interest to view more information, including details about the organization and the opportunity, a link to its website, skills associated with the opportunity (including skills that match those specified in his profile), location, time zone, and the times, depending on whether the opportunity is a one-time event, shift-based, or flexible. 

When he signs up to volunteer, Philanthropy Cloud intelligently pulls the skills he listed in his profile and matches them to a specific job. Based on the options available for the opportunity, he can sign up for the shifts that work best for him. Some options may differ based on how the opportunity was created (e.g., virtual versus in person, an opportunity may run for a weekend) and the details that are available. 

Display of a Sign Up section for a volunteer opportunity in Philanthropy Cloud

To sign up for a volunteer opportunity:

  1. Select Volunteer on an item of interest. Details and more information about the opportunity display. Any Matched Skills also appear. Skills are matched using your user profile and indicate areas of expertise related to the opportunity.
  2. Select a time slot or slots. Options will differ based on how the opportunity was configured (one-time, shifts, or flexible). Selections are displayed at the bottom of the card.
  3. Select Sign Up. Depending upon the type of opportunity, a confirmation email is sent to your email address containing details about the opportunity.
  4. Add the opportunity to your calendar by selecting Add to Calendar (e.g., Google, iCal, Outlook, Yahoo).
  5. Make changes while still on the sign-up card by selecting Cancel All Shifts or Edit to make the necessary changes. The opportunity shows up in Volunteering in your profile. Revisit the sign-up page by selecting the title of the opportunity in the table.

Log Your Volunteer Time

Most opportunities are logged automatically at the event‘s start. However, you may have to log time for some opportunities, including flexible opportunities. There are several ways to log your time: directly from the homepage near the Impact Hearts, directly against a flexible opportunity in your history, or in the Volunteering section of your profile.

As an example, if Lincoln were to need to log his time from his profile, he would follow these steps:

  1. Select his profile.
  2. Scroll down and select Volunteering to view My Opportunities.
  3. Select Log Time.
  4. Enter the nonprofit and a short description of the activity, including the date and hours involved.
  5. Indicate whether the opportunity was a one-time or recurring opportunity.
  6. Select Save.

With Philanthropy Cloud, individuals can give based on their personal passions while driving exponential impact across team- or company-wide campaigns. And with Philanthropy Cloud’s powerful, real-time reporting, employees get immediate insight into the results of their giving. In the next unit, we’ll take a closer look at how Philanthropy Cloud provides easy access to a user’s giving history and impact.