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Track Your Giving History and Impact

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand where to view campaign and company impact metrics.
  • Learn where to view your donation history and access tax receipts.
  • Learn where to view your volunteer history.

Lincoln Ulrich, an Account Executive at Ursa Major Solar, Inc., recently made several donations and volunteered his time at the local No More Homelessness nonprofit. In addition, he worked with a philanthropy champion in his company to set up a Philanthropy Cloud campaign to drive volunteer engagement and donations from his colleagues over the past month. Now Lincoln wants to view and understand the impact that he and his company have had. 

View Impact at a Glance

Philanthropy Cloud provides instant visibility into Lincoln’s personal impact and his company’s impact in both dollars donated and hours volunteered through the Impact Hearts on the homepage. When Lincoln makes a donation or logs volunteer hours, his impact numbers change immediately, giving him a snapshot of real-time impact. 

Display of the Impact Hearts on the Homepage

Review Your Giving History and Access Receipts

Philanthropy Cloud provides visibility into how your donations are spent, resulting in your being better informed and becoming a vocal advocate of the causes you support. On Lincoln’s profile page, he can view his giving history, donate again, and manage his recurring donations.

Follow along as Lincoln views his giving history:

  1. First, he selects Profile in the toolbar and scrolls down to My Giving.
  2. He views a display of the causes he’s donated to, including the dates of the donations, status, payment methods, amounts, and receipts for his credit card transactions. He selects Receipt to view a pdf of the tax receipt for the donation. He selects Donate Again to make an additional donation.
  3. For more details, he selects an item to expand it, showing additional functions, including the ability to cancel a recurring donation.

Graphic displaying the My Giving section of Philanthropy Cloud

Philanthropy Cloud streamlines the process of giving for employees, making corporate philanthropy not just easier and faster, but also more fun, engaging, and rewarding. 

Review Your Volunteering History and Hours Logged

Lincoln can also view information about his volunteer history, including upcoming and past opportunities, as well as logged hours. He can view and edit his logged hours and easily volunteer again for the same organizations if they have opportunities available.

The Upcoming Opportunities section of his profile includes the date, time, and type of opportunity he’s signed up for but hasn’t yet completed. Lincoln can select the title of the opportunity to revisit the opportunity details page. He can also cancel his sign up or add the opportunity to his calendar.

To view his volunteer history, Lincoln: 

  1. Selects Profile in the toolbar and scrolls down to My Opportunities. Here he can view a display of the organization, date, type, and any logged hours.
  2. Explores opportunities to volunteer again by selecting Volunteer Again, if available.
  3. Selects an opportunity to expand it and view more information and options, including editing or deleting logged hours.

Graphic displaying the My Volunteering section of Philanthropy CloudOrganizations need funding, but they also need volunteers. From assistance with events and serving on boards with skilled tasks such as software development, law expertise, and accounting, volunteers greatly expand the capacity of nonprofit organizations. Philanthropy Cloud makes it easy to find and engage with these opportunities, understand your impact, and help nonprofits do more good.

Since joining Ursa Major Solar, Lincoln has been able to get involved, giving both time and money to causes that deepen his connection to his company, his fellow employees, and his local community. At the same time, Ursa Major Solar has been able to effectively focus, measure, and talk about its corporate philanthropy in ways that have helped it recruit and retain new employees, drive brand loyalty with its customers and shareholders, and perhaps most important, create positive social change in the community.