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Donate to Causes

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Add a personal payment method in Philanthropy Cloud.
  • List the donation options available in Philanthropy Cloud.
  • Make a donation in Philanthropy Cloud.

Today’s workplace is a drastically changing landscape. Digital advancements and social movements are restructuring corporate culture, and at the center of it all, are employees looking to make an impact. Employees who are engaged don’t just participate in change, they drive it and lead through purpose. We’re living in an age where every individual can be a philanthropist, given the right tools and access. Philanthropy Cloud puts employees in the driver’s seat of corporate giving.

For example, Ursa Major Solar, Inc. is a leading alternative energy provider whose customers and shareholders value their deep commitment to environmental and social causes. Ursa Major Solar recently implemented Philanthropy Cloud to help their employees engage in their communities through giving of both time and money. Lincoln Ulrich, an Account Executive at Ursa Major, was inspired to make his first gift after researching organizations doing work around homelessness.

Lincoln has already logged into Philanthropy Cloud and completed his profile, and now he is ready to make a donation. Lincoln can select Donate on an item to donate to a campaign, nonprofit, or impact fund. The donation button may be termed something different on each item based on how it was configured by your Philanthropy Cloud administrator (e.g., Give, Contribute, etc.). 

But first, Lincoln is going to set up a credit or debit card as his payment method on his profile, so it will be available to him whenever he wants to donate again in the future. 

Add a Payment Method

Let’s follow along as Lincoln adds a payment method:

1. He selects Profile in the toolbar and scrolls to My Payment Methods to easily add and manage credit cards, including editing and removing cards. While here, he selects which card to use as his default card.

2. Once added, Lincoln’s card is listed under My Payment Methods in the profile. If there is more than one card, he can select Manage to view and manage all cards.

3. He selects a card in the table to expand the row and display more information about the card, including any recurring donations that are associated with the card.

4. Then, he can edit the card information, including the expiration month and date, and if desired, set the card as the default. Note that attempts to remove a card that is being used for a recurring donation will result in a prompt to select a different card for that donation.

Select Your Payment Options

When donating money, Lincoln can select the payment method, the frequency (one-time or recurring), and the amount he would like to give. Lincoln knows that recurring, or monthly, giving can be a valuable part of his overall giving strategy. Monthly giving options allow him to donate automatically to an organization on a set date each month, making regular giving effortless.

 The platform supports multiple payment options, including:

Giving Method
How it works...
Credit and debit card
Add and manage your cards in the application. For a credit card donation, you will receive an email confirmation with a tax receipt. Receipts are emailed to donors and available for download at any time in your giving history.
Payroll deduction
Select one-time or recurring (annual and perennial) donations within company-specified enablement periods. You can also calculate a percentage of your salary for recurring payroll donations.
Bonus payroll deduction
Select a one-time payroll gift to be drawn from one or several bonus payrolls.

Cash or check pledge
Give the old-fashioned way. You will receive an email with instructions on how to fulfill your pledge.
Stock pledge
Enter information about the stock. You will receive an email with instructions on how to fulfill your pledge.

Some selections in your instance of Philanthropy Cloud may differ based on how the donation workflow was implemented at your organization. For example, some of the options listed may not be available for your company. And you may see just one payment method or several.

Make a Donation

Lincoln is now ready to make a donation. The following instructions are for a general donation with a credit card. If he wants to donate through a different method, the steps are similar for each type of payment option.



The terminology, steps, and options you see on your screen may differ based on how Philanthropy Cloud is configured at your organization. 

To donate with a credit card:

  1. Select Donate on an item of interest. A page appears displaying information about the item.
  2. The Payment Method is displayed. From here, select the method you would like to use. If you do not like the proposed method, select Change and select a different credit card or add a new card.
  3. Decide how often to donate and select Give Monthly to set up a recurring donation amount or Give Once to give just one time.
  4. Decide how much to donate and select or enter an amount.
  5. Select Donate. A summary is displayed of the donation.
     A confirmation page may also appear for certain donation types. If so, make any necessary changes to the recipients, allocations, payment method, or amounts. You can also add a note. Review the information and select Donate.
  6. To complete the donation, select Done.

In Philanthropy Cloud, giving and volunteering are seamlessly integrated to engage everyone in effecting change. So far you’ve seen how Philanthropy Cloud lets you find a cause or organization you’re interested in and then make a donation. Philanthropy Cloud also guides you to volunteer opportunities. If giving is the fuel, then volunteering is the engine that drives a community forward. We’ll learn more about volunteering with Philanthropy Cloud in the next Unit.