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Get Started with Philanthropy Cloud

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Log into and explore Philanthropy Cloud.
  • Leverage the platform to track your contributions and organize your involvement.
  • Access resources for continued learning and adoption of Philanthropy Cloud.

Welcome to Philanthropy Cloud!

With Philanthropy Cloud, employees can find, learn about, and engage in causes in a way that is simple and impactful. Philanthropy Cloud helps them discover opportunities that are personally meaningful and can also connect them with their colleagues on current initiatives. Philanthropy Cloud turns employees into citizen philanthropists by empowering them to give back and make change. 

For example, Ursa Major Solar, Inc. is a leading alternative energy provider whose customers and shareholders value their deep commitment to environmental and social causes. Ursa Major Solar recently implemented Philanthropy Cloud to help engage its employees in personalized philanthropy, improve employee recruitment and retention, and provide transparency around its social impact efforts to shareholders, employees, and customers.

Lincoln Ulrich, Account Executive at Ursa Major, has a passion for helping others and is always looking for new ways to make a difference. Lately, Lincoln has noticed a growing number of homeless people sleeping on the street near his office, and it has spurred his interest in giving back to organizations that are working to find solutions to homelessness in his city. Let’s follow Lincoln as he logs into Philanthropy Cloud for the first time and sets up his profile. 

Start with the Homepage

Ursa Major Solar uses Philanthropy Cloud with Single Sign-on, so Lincoln can use the same password credentials that he uses at work. If a company is not using Single Sign-on, the Philanthropy Cloud administrator will send employees a welcome email, so they can set up their accounts.

Lincoln logs into Philanthropy Cloud and lands on his company’s homepage. The top of the homepage is highly customizable and provides company-driven branding, campaigns, and messaging while the bottom displays personalized recommendations based on his profile, preferences, and usage history. Each company’s site is highly customizable.

Full page display of a Philanthropy Cloud website

Section Description
Search Search
From the search bar, Lincoln can search for organizations and content that interests him. He can further define his search by selecting Story, Campaign, Nonprofit, Impact Fund, or Volunteer from the dropdown menu in the search field.
Toolbar Headline
Lincoln can access his homepage, profile, documentation, and support for the application from the toolbar. He can also provide feedback and log out of the application.
Giving Dashboard Dashboard
One of the first things Lincoln noticed on his homepage is the Impact Hearts that indicate what he and his colleagues have contributed. When he hovers over the hearts, he can see which causes they’ve been donating to, broken down by percentages of contributions. Contributions are measured in dollars donated and hours volunteered. He can also log his volunteer hours right from the homepage.
Headline Content Featured
This is where Ursa Major Solar displays the primary content of interest from the organization. Lincoln can select an item to read more about it, donate to it, and/or sign up for a volunteer opportunity. The content is displayed as a rotating carousel for easy and prominent viewing.
Featured Content Messaging
Ursa Major Solar can feature additional content here. Between the carousel above and this area of the homepage, a company can feature up to seven pieces of content for its employees.
Organization Messaging Recommended
A company can choose to include branded messaging here, as Ursa Major Solar did. If it chooses not to show additional messaging, this section is not visible on the homepage.
Recommended Content Recommended
Lincoln doesn’t know much about the nonprofits serving the homeless in his local community, but the good news is that Philanthropy Cloud can recommend cause-specific organizations. When he completes his profile, he can choose Housing and Homelessness as a cause he’s interested in, and Einstein will recommend relevant content to him for organizations and opportunities in his area. If he specifies his skills, Einstein will match those skills to volunteering opportunities and recommend those as well.

Currently, Philanthropy Cloud has five major types of content: nonprofits, volunteer opportunities, campaigns, stories, and impact funds.

  • Nonprofits are charitable organizations. The platform includes all active, unrevoked 501(c)(3) organizations in the U.S. through Candid by GuideStar. Similarly for Canadian nonprofits, the Canada Revenue Agency sources data to verify charity registration status.
  • Volunteer Opportunities provide an occasion to volunteer with an organization. You can choose to volunteer once, on a recurring basis, or with flexibility, depending on the opportunity.
  • Campaigns are the beating heart of Philanthropy Cloud. They are flexible and configurable, and allow different giving methods and recipients. For each campaign, you can designate funds to designate funds to a cause, nonprofit, or impact fund. You can also choose whether to donate once or monthly.
  • Stories consist of rich, high-quality, curated content from United Way and other nonprofit partners, informing you about relevant causes, giving opportunities, and impact.
  • Impact Funds are a portfolio of nonprofits focused on a specific cause or issue that a user can give to.

Personalize Your Philanthropy by Completing Your Profile

There are millions of causes and ways to give back. To help Einstein recommend the right content for Lincoln, he needs to customize his profile by selecting the causes that interest him most and listing his skills. Then Philanthropy Cloud will sift through all of the options to lift up the best and most relevant content, helping him discover the most personally meaningful opportunities to give back.

To customize his profile, Lincoln selects Profile on the toolbar at the top of the Homepage. 

He uploads a picture of himself, reviews his personal information to ensure it is correct, adds a payment method, and then scrolls down to add his volunteering skills and select the causes he cares most about. As shown in the next Module, Lincoln will also be able to access his profile to view a synopsis of his giving and volunteering history.

Display of Lincoln’s profile page

Now, let’s follow along as Lincoln updates his volunteering skills:

  1. Select Profile.
  2. In My Volunteering Skills, select Edit.
  3. Select the text box and select applicable skills from the list. Lincoln selects Event Management, Project Management, Computer Science, and People Skills.
  4. Select Save.

To select causes:

  1. Select Profile.
  2. In My Causes, select Edit.
  3. Select a cause by selecting an item. Lincoln selects Environment, Health & Wellness, Housing & Homelessness, and Hunger & Food Security.
  4. Select Save.

Now that Lincoln has customized his profile, he can return to the homepage to view content that is now personalized to his interests. To view more information or donate money, time, or both to a specific cause on his homepage, he simply selects the cause he is interested in and lands on the page for that cause. We’ll dig into the specifics of making a donation or signing up for a volunteer event in the next Module.

Search for a Specific Cause or Volunteer Opportunity

Salesforce Einstein has given Lincoln some great options for getting more involved in homelessness issues. On the bus on the way home from work, he uses the mobile app to do some research and discovers an organization in his community called No More Homelessness (NMH). He reads through the information and decides it looks like a good fit for him for donating and possibly volunteering.

Screenshot of a campaign page for No More Homelessness on a mobile phone

Now that Lincoln has found his nonprofit, he can simply select the donate button to enter his gift. 

In fact, given his growing passion for this issue, Lincoln decides to go talk to the manager of corporate social responsibility at Ursa Major Solar in the morning to see if he can amplify his impact by creating a company-wide campaign to engage his fellow employees in giving time and money to No More Homelessness. Who knew a crowded commute could be so rewarding? We’ll show you how to donate or volunteer to a cause in the next Module. 

Learn More

Philanthropy Cloud provides access to documentation, support, and release information for the platform, including a dynamic, searchable, translatable, and navigable html-based documentation site. Select Help on the toolbar to access the information or help you need. You can also find information about Philanthropy Cloud on our company website. The sites listed in Resources will ensure you are getting the most out of Philanthropy Cloud and understand the basics about our related clouds.