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Learn About Salesforce Expeditions

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to

  • Describe the features of the Salesforce Expeditions service.
  • Explain the value of engaging with Salesforce Expeditions.

The Digital Transformation Dilemma

If you’ve already earned the Salesforce Success Cloud Basics badge, then you know that Success Cloud offers lots of different ways to help organizations succeed with Salesforce. From always-on resources like our Help Portal and Trailblazer Community to more guided resources like Accelerators, where our experts show you how to accomplish a specific goal, Salesforce Success Cloud offers great resources for all customers. 

But what if those are not enough? As you may have learned from the Digital Transformation Basics module, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is sparking major changes for business and society. According to an MIT Sloan survey, 90% of CEOs believe digital transformation is likely to impact their industry. And while they believe in the potential of digital transformation, many of them struggle with figuring out how to get started or how to continue on the journey. In that same study, only 15% of CEOs say they are actually executing a digital strategy.

If it’s widely acknowledged that something needs to be done, yet very few people are doing it, what’s going on here? Each organization’s experience is unique, but here’s the bottom line: Digital transformation is challenging. 

Introducing Salesforce Expeditions

At Salesforce we've been focused on customer success since our founding. And we know a thing or two about the technologies that are changing our society. In 2017, Forbes magazine ranked Salesforce first on its list of most innovative companies. We have decades of experience working closely with organizations that are leading their industries into the future. Salesforce created Success Cloud Expeditions to partner with those companies—and you—and help you plan and implement your digital transformation journey and drive even greater success. 

In the general sense, an expedition is a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration or scientific research. Think about the early British expeditions to the south pole for example. These challenging voyages required advanced planning, expert resources, and collaboration between government, military, and scientific teams. Salesforce Expeditions are powerful consulting engagements that share similar characteristics but with far less ice and penguins. With Salesforce Expeditions, we go far beyond the Salesforce platform: We help you plan and implement your digital transformation journey.

Our team of dedicated and on-demand experts works hand-in-hand with your team to create a workable plan. Together, we create a culture fully focused on your customers—one where you can produce inspiring design, experience fruitful collaboration, and drive rapid innovation. And within the framework of our Compass methodology, we can help you develop new ways of working that foster sustained innovation. (We talk more about Compass in the next unit.)

With Salesforce Expeditions, our customers are seeing significant improvements in key performance metrics. They are reducing their yearly operating expenses by US$11M. For customer satisfaction and advocacy, they are averaging as much as a 10-point increase in net promoter scores. 

Salesforce Expeditions Ease the Digital Transformation

Some of the main obstacles to digital transformation are lack of C-level sponsorship, inadequate change management strategies, and a deficit in the necessary skill sets. Salesforce Expeditions address these common pain points. 

  • Change management—We have deep experience helping some of the most well-known companies in the world create great new experiences for their communities. We’ve also shown our customers how to create a self-sustaining culture of innovation.
  • C-level sponsorship—From the beginning, the Expeditions team works closely with your leadership team to craft a strategy, roadmap, and specific outcomes.
  • Expertise—Our people are some of the best and most experienced in the industry. Developing delightful user experiences, sifting through millions of data points, incorporating artificial intelligence, and more, our team can work with you through just about any digital transformation opportunity.

At this point, you may be wondering how we approach these engagements and what they look like. Well hang in there, trailblazer, the next unit is all about just that.