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Resolve Issues Sooner with Premier Priority

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify key features of Premier Priority.
  • Explain how you can use Premier Priority.

What Is Premier Priority?

At Salesforce, customer success is our number one priority, so we’re here to help you when something goes wrong. You can choose the support response that fits your company and your budget. We have three success plans.

Everyone Gets Our Standard Success Plan

To recap from the first unit in this module, all Salesforce customers get access to online support, Trailhead, and other always-on resources such as communities and webinars. There’s no extra charge for access to these great do-it-yourself resources, which are included in the Standard Success Plan.

Boost Adoption and Productivity with the Premier Success Plan

The Premier Success Plan helps with adoption and productivity by giving you faster response times to severe incidents, access to a success manager, and access to Accelerators for 1-on-1 coaching. Premier is a real game changer, which is why we recommend it for all our customers. The Premier Success Plans module is a great way to learn more.

Protect Customer Relationships with Premier Priority

An add-on to Premier, Premier Priority is our highest level of support. You must have Premier or Premier+ before you can add Premier Priority. If you have Premier Priority, you get all of the great do-it-yourself resources, the adoption and productivity benefits of Premier, and additional benefits designed to help you prevent business disruption.

Premier Priority provides these benefits in addition to the benefits of Premier.

  • Faster Issue Response: With Premier Priority, you get an initial 15-minute response time to the most severe, business-stopping cases, cases rated Severity 1. This is our fastest response time and you get this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get a 60-minute response to Severity 2 cases.
  • Senior Expert Support, Right Away: With Premier Priority, your Severity 1 and Severity 2 cases are routed directly to senior support engineers.
  • Expedited Case Resolution: With Premier Priority, we proactively update you on your Severity 1 issues every 30 minutes. This means you and your executives are kept in the loop all the time.
  • Improved Business Performance: With Premier Priority, we provide significantly enhanced root-cause analysis and advanced developer support. For any cases worked by Premier Priority, our engineers review up to 5,000 lines of computer code. (If you have our Premier Success plan, we review up to 200 lines of code.) This is a valuable benefit because your teams spend less time looking at code, and you get more information about what caused the problem so that you can make sure that it doesn't happen again.

To summarize, for the most urgent issues, you get faster response by our most experienced people doing more work to understand what happened while they fix it and keep you in the loop at all times.

Comparing Salesforce Success Plans

Here is a table to help illustrate the features of our success plan offerings.

Priority Support Services—a bundle of Premier Priority, Technical Account Manager, and Proactive Monitoring
Guided Journeys
Success Community
Circles of Success and Webinars

Developer Support

200 lines of code per case
5,000 lines of code per case
Success Management

Admin Assist

Optional Upgrade
Optional Upgrade
Senior Engineer Access

12x5 Online
2-Day Response
24x7 Phone & Online
1-Hour Critical Response
24x7 Phone & Online
15-Minute Critical Response (24x7)
30-Minute Critical Case Update (24x7)
60-Minute Sev 2 Respose (24X7)
24x7 Proactive Monitoring

Tailored Smart Alerts

Resolution Guidance

Contextual Technical Expert

Dedicated Case Oversight

Salesforce Release Planning

Data and Integration Planning


For more details and limitations of these features, please contact your account executive.

Should You Add Premier Priority?

Well, it depends upon how you use Salesforce. Premier Priority is especially useful for customers who are running systems on Salesforce that you need to be always on, but which have complexity and customizations impacted by integrations or connected workflows. Here are some examples of situations that can benefit from the addition of Premier Priority.

Example 1: Customer Service: You use Salesforce to provide service to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even a short slowdown or loss of access impacts customer loyalty, increases costs, and reduces sales. Premier Priority ensures that Salesforce gets started fixing problems right away, ensuring full access by your customers and service agents faster.

Example 2: Field Sales: Your sales teams are hard at work in the field. They need access to your CRM data so that they can build quotes and close deals, all while on the road, using a phone. You’re an experienced Salesforce customer, so you have a great internal support team to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You need backup from Salesforce for your most vexing problems, and you need priority access to senior engineers because every minute going through support triage results in lost revenue.

Example 3: Ecommerce Upsells: You use marketing automations to help drive consideration and upsell on your ecommerce platform. You have several custom integrations connecting non-Salesforce solutions. Especially during peak times, such as holidays or weekends, these automations must run smoothly or you see abandoned shopping carts. When an automation stops, you need to know quickly so that you can immediately fix it yourself or reach out to your partners for help.

Bundle Up!

One last thing, Premier Priority performs best when it is paired with Proactive Monitoring or a technical account manager, or both. With all three products, you get end-to-end support that includes:

  • Monitoring of your unique Salesforce environment, so that potential problems are identified earlier
  • Fast, expert response to platform issues
  • Technical guidance from a champion who oversees your support cases and conducts root cause analysis to help you improve platform stability

In fact, the performance of Premier Priority is so much better with Proactive Monitoring or a technical account manager that it must be bundled with one or both of these other products.

Not sure if your use of Salesforce is a good match for Premier Priority? Contact your success manager or account executive to schedule a conversation with one of our experts.


Premier Priority is for customers who are running business functions on Salesforce that need to be always on. With our fastest response times and priority access to senior engineers, you can rely on our help to fix business-stopping issues right away. And because those types of severe issues can have a big impact, we provide you and your executives with frequent updates and advanced root-cause analysis so that you can prevent similar issues in the future. Premier Priority is even more powerful when paired with monitoring on the front end, and a champion technical expert to help you use insights from cases to run your business better on Salesforce.