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Run Your Business Better with Technical Account Managers

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify key benefits of having a technical account manager.
  • Explain how you can use technical account manager.

What Are Technical Account Managers?

Having great support is crucial to protect your customer relationships. But you need someone who understands your business to maximize the value of your investment in Salesforce. A technical account manager (TAM) is a certified champion who provides ongoing case oversight. Your TAM can help you to learn from issues so that you improve your overall operational excellence and stability, and get most out of the Salesforce, including all of the great innovation that comes with each release. Better operations and stability improve adoption, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Introducing Technical Account Managers

If you’re like most organizations that have Salesforce, you’ve got a lot going on. You bought Salesforce to improve your operations, build better customer relationships, change the way you do business, or all three! Protecting your business is critical. Proactive Monitoring and Premier Priority offer this protection. You also receive insights from our monitoring and support engineers. Our technical account managers can help you to use these insights to run your business better on Salesforce. 

When you have a TAM, you get someone who understands how you use Salesforce. Ongoing case oversight and contextual technical guidance means faster issue resolution. With expert technical guidance, you can take advantage of Salesforce innovation with less risk and improve your overall adoption, productivity, and platform performance.

Quarterback, champion, chef, whatever the metaphor, your TAM lets you get more value out of Proactive Monitoring, Premier Priority, and Salesforce.

A dedicated technical account manager provides the following key benefits.

Resolve Support Issues Faster with Case Oversight

The technical account manager provides continuous guidance on open support cases and champions a quick resolution by:

  • Providing proactive incident communication.
  • Being a technical point of contact who understands how you use Salesforce.
  • Partnering with Premier and Premier Priority engineers during investigations.
  • Joining multiparty bridges to ensure executive-level communication.
  • Helping understand and deliver root-cause analysis and messaging.

Whew it’s a lot! If you don’t have someone on your team who provides case oversight, then you are probably spending a lot of time on phone calls about cases.

Boost Productivity and Adoption with Internal Support Guidance

The technical account manager partners with your internal help desk, power users, and critical incident team. Together, they uncover opportunities to serve your internal customers better. What does this include?

  • More productive admins with admin setup best practices.
  • Deflect more cases with improved knowledge bases.
  • Improve your internal support model so you manage internal cases more efficiently.
  • Change management and enablement guidance.
  • Understand when to escalate cases to Premier support and when to handle cases internally.

Sample internal support model. Full description follows. 

This sample internal support model defines five levels of escalation.

  1. Business End Users surface questions to power users and admins, typically in a community or chat environment, where they can get quick answers.
  2. Business Power Users pass some questions—including IT issues—to an Internal Help Desk, typically using some kind of ticket system.
  3. Internal Help Desk manages data issues, bug fixes, and custom reports. They also help to qualify and prioritize enhancement requests to the platform or the support process.
  4. Tickets that require Advanced Developer Support—such as code fixes—are escalated by the Internal Help Desk.
  5. Issues that can’t managed by the internal support teams may be surfaced to Salesforce Support.

To help enhance productivity and user adoption, the TAM can work with your success manager and your Internal Support team to improve the effectiveness of each component of your internal support model.

Improve Platform Stability with Advanced Technical Guidance

As a highly-experienced and certified Salesforce expert, the TAM works with your developer teams so they can continuously work to make Salesforce something your users love and use. Here a few examples of how the TAM can help.

  • Know when to code and when to configure.
  • Access and understand Salesforce developer resources.
  • Deploy governance best practices.
  • Gain immediate access to known Salesforce system issue alerts.
  • Integrate key learnings from support cases into platform upgrades.

Everyone at your organization benefits when your developers have the expertise and resources that they need.

When you have a dedicated TAM, fewer cases go to your highest level of support and to Salesforce Premier Support because your platform is more stable and your internal teams are more effective. But when a case is escalated, the TAM helps get issues resolved more quickly and ensures that you know what happened, and why, so that you can prevent similar problems in the future.

Benefit from Our Innovation, with Less Risk, with Tailored Release Planning

When you buy Salesforce, a huge benefit is the innovation we deliver three times a year (more for Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud). These releases can include hundreds of updates to features and functions. Did you know that many of these updates come from ideas suggested by our customers? We are working all the time to help you be more productive and build better customer and employee experiences.

Innovations that are delivered as part of our releases can change the way you use Salesforce. That’s good! That’s a benefit of constant innovation. Some organizations need support to take full advantage of these improvements. And if your use of Salesforce is more customized or integrated with other software solutions, you want the peace-of-mind that the future innovation won’t cause any disruption to your business.

Your technical account manager is your key to peace of mind. A TAM can provide release planning that is tailored to you and your use of Salesforce. What might this include?

  • A tailored release overview, by cloud
  • Impact assessments (TAMs have access to prerelease environments)
  • Development of a sandbox strategy for testing
  • Management of your release schedule, considering your schedule, not ours
  • Partnership with your success manager and internal teams on change management and adoption planning

The more you use Salesforce to run your business, the more benefit you can get from each Salesforce release. Your TAM can make sure that you successfully integrate and adopt the features that can help you to gain a competitive edge.


A technical account manager is the quarterback, chef, or orchestra conductor who maximizes the value of the Priority Support Services bundle. Like all Priority Support Services, the technical account manager product is configurable. You can choose a full-time or half-time TAM, depending upon your needs and budget. And when paired with Proactive Monitoring and Premier Priority, the technical account manager provides an expert, end-to-end solution that frees you to focus on what’s important to you.

We’ve Got Your Back!

In this module you’ve learned how Salesforce can help protect your customer relationships by providing you with:

  1. Proactive monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  2. Fast response from senior support engineers
  3. Technical guidance that helps you run your business better on Salesforce

Best of all, these expert services help you improve adoption, productivity, and platform stability, allowing you to focus on what makes your organization grow and thrive. Got questions? Contact your account representative.