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Maintain Your Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification for Spring ’20

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Review subscriber counts before sending an email.
  • Explain the retirement of Classic Content.
  • Test journeys to verify expected outcomes before activation.
  • Create and share journey templates.
  • Manage Single Send journeys.
  • Create informative URL names for published content in Content Builder.
  • Identify large email warning in Preview and Test.

Salesforce Certification—the Big Picture

If you hold the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist credential, keep in mind you need to complete this module by the due date to maintain your certification. Another important part of maintaining your credential is ensuring your Trailhead and Webassessor accounts are linked

Interested in learning more about getting certified? Check out the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist credential.

Salesforce introduced a ton of great feature enhancements. Let’s take a look at some of the more important ones for this release. 

Email Studio

Get Subscriber Counts Before Sending an Email

You can now review how many subscribers are in a list before sending an email. For lists in folders, you can get subscriber count when sending a Content Builder email in the Population column of Email Studio.

This change is available to users sending Content Builder emails. 

Create Classic Email End of Life

The creation of classic emails is scheduled for retirement in all Email Studio accounts at the beginning of June 2020. The ability to edit classic emails is scheduled for retirement in all Email Studio accounts in January 2021. 

Email Studio features not included in the retirement:

  • View classic emails, templates, and content areas
  • Access to portfolio
  • Sending classic email
  • Landing pages
  • Email classic SOAP APIs
  • Distributed sending

See Content Builder Adoption Resources for additional information.

Journey Builder

Test Any Data Extension with Journey Testing

Enhanced journey testing simulates journeys with real contacts. Send test emails and visualize the expected path for each sample contact with confidence before journey activation. Journeys that use a filtered data extension as the entry source can access full journey testing capabilities, and the entry source data extension’s policies no longer impact testing.

Where: This change applies to all draft journeys in Journey Builder.

Who: Users who have the Journey Builder Create permission can test journeys.

How: For journeys that use a data extension entry source, save and validate the journey, then click Test Journey. Choose sample contacts to test with from the entry source data extension, decide whether to send test emails, and view the expected path for each sample contact.

See Journey Testing for additional information.

Create and Share Journey Templates

Save a Marketing Cloud journey as a template, share the template across business units, and let others in your org build journeys from it. Sharing templates helps you efficiently replicate journeys that address common use cases across brands or regions.

How: Save a draft journey that you’ve built as a template. Provide a name, description, and instructions for template users. Then choose whether to share the template across the enterprise’s other business units.

To find templates that you’ve created or have been shared with your business unit, navigate to the My Templates tab of the Templates gallery. Click anywhere on the template card. Users with the Journey Builder Create or Edit permission in the business unit where the template was created can edit the template. Template edits impact new journeys that you create from the template, but not journeys that you’ve already created.

Journey Builder Single Send

Create, send, and monitor Single Send journeys from Journey Builder? Yes, please! Increase visibility across campaigns and efficiencies in navigation when you manage and track Single Send and Multi-Step journeys from a unified workspace. Send single email messages to a batch audience from a streamlined user experience in Journey Builder. Schedule Single Send journeys for a future date and time or send immediately. This feature is available in all editions where Journey Builder is supported. No additional provisioning is required.

How: In Journey Builder, click Create New Journey, and select the Single Send - Email option.

See Single Send Journeys in Journey Builder for additional information. For updated API information related to Single Send, review the developer documentation at Single Send Journeys.

Content Builder

Use File Names to Create the URL of Published Content

Instead of using the random number that Content Builder generates at the end of the URL, you can now generate a more informative name as part of the URL path for published content. After uploading, you can edit the file name on the Properties page, but you can’t edit the URL. This feature can be enabled in Setup.

See Predictive URL for additional information.

See Large Email Warning

In Preview and Test, a warning is shown for messages larger than the 102-KB limit of some mail clients. This warning does not prevent sends.