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Get Hands-on with Permission Set Groups

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Group permission sets based on user job function for easier assignment.
  • Maintain your Salesforce Administrator Certification.

Group Permission Sets Based on User Job Function for Easier Assignment

What’s new?

Now you can assign users a single permission set group instead of multiple permission sets. Permission set groups combine selected permission sets to provide all the permissions that users need for their job. Similarly, remove individual permissions from a group with the permission muting feature to ensure that users do not get permissions that are not relevant to their job functions. A new user interface helps you create and manage permission set groups.

Suppose that you have employees in your sales department who work with Sales Cloud Analytics templates and apps. They also create, edit, and delete surveys and read, create, edit, and delete accounts. You have three permission sets that contain the permissions needed: Sales Cloud Einstein, Survey Creator, and a permission set based on the Standard User Profile. You assign each permission set separately to your users.

A diagram where several permission sets are assigned to a user.

You can combine the permission sets into one meaningful permission set group and then assign the permission set group to the sales employees. In this example, the permission set group Sales Staff Users contains the combined permissions of all the permission sets that you added to the group. Salesforce also aggregates and resolves permissions across all permission sets in the permission set group to ensure that inheritance and dependencies are maintained.

A diagram where one permission set group is assigned to a user.

How does it work?

From Setup, choose Permission Set Groups to view your permission set groups and create groups.

Permission set groups setup page

On the Permission Set Group detail page, assign the permission set group to users (1). Select the permission sets to include in the permission set group (2), and choose which permissions, if appropriate, to mute (3). View the combined permissions in a group (4).