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Inicio de Trailhead
Inicio de Trailhead
+2,900 puntos

Master Salesforce Billing Admin Fundamentals

Hone your skills in order management, invoice generation and adjustments, payment collections, and financial reporting.

~3 horas 30 minutos
+600 puntos

Simplify Home Security Subscription Renewals

Generate orders, contracts, and renewal opportunities with Salesforce CPQ.

~1 hora 25 minutos
+1,600 puntos

Salesforce CPQ Order Generation

Use Salesforce CPQ to generate multiple orders quickly and accurately.

~55 minutos
+400 puntos

Fundamentos de Salesforce Billing

Aprenda de qué modo Salesforce Billing optimiza la relación entre los departamentos de finanzas y ventas.

~40 minutos
+300 puntos

Product Configuration for Salesforce Billing

Use time fields and rules to control when and how Salesforce Billing invoices a product.

~30 minutos
~3 horas 30 minutos