Use Salesforce Help

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Find Marketing Cloud documentation in Salesforce Help.
  • Search Marketing Cloud documentation.
  • Bookmark Marketing Cloud resources.

Salesforce Help

From the Trailblazer Community Help tab, you will have the option to head to Documentation, Trailhead, or the Support & Services page. Since you’ve already discovered Trailhead (hooray!) and we cover Support & Services in a later unit, let’s dive into documentation and other resources available for Marketing Cloud users. 

Salesforce Help home page search and the documentation tile identified.

Marketing Cloud Documentation

Salesforce Help offers a central location for documentation and training about all of our products. From Salesforce Help you can easily locate topics, how-to instructions, release information, implementation guides, and general best practice content. With so many products in the Salesforce ecosystem, we want to focus on how you can search for Marketing Cloud content specifically. Let’s check it out together. To find Marketing Cloud content on use the search bar (1) or click View Documentation (2)—which takes you straight to the Salesforce Docs homepage. From the Salesforce Docs homepage, you can search for the content you are looking for or you can filter by cloud.

Salesforce Docs screen with Marketing Cloud filter added.

After filtering for Marketing Cloud, documentation is grouped by product areas, like Marketing Cloud Data Management and Analytics. Each product area breaks the topic down into small, specific content sections to help you easily find the information you need. You can also find related resources and recommended learning suggestions based on the topic you select. For example, under Marketing Cloud Data Management and Analytics, find topics like Datorama and Marketing Cloud Einstein. Marketing Cloud Data Management and Analytics help page.

Search Documentation

If you aren’t sure of the topic, you can use the search function. Pro tip: search and then use the left-hand navigation to filter and narrow down your search. Let’s say you decide to type “email” in the search bar. Results include all content found in documentation with the word email—93 thousand results to be exact (1). That’s where the filter comes in handy. If you select Marketing Cloud when you search (2), your results immediately narrow. Salesforce Help search results for “email” with the topics filter highlighted to select Marketing Cloud.



Bonus: Salesforce Help search results also include Trailhead module content.

Additional Resources

In addition to product-specific topics, Salesforce Help has additional resources that are...well, helpful. Things like:

And while we are talking resources, there are a few places outside of Salesforce Help that we think are worth bookmarking. 

Now that you have a toolbelt of documentation resources to help you on your Marketing Cloud journey, let’s connect with some of your fellow trailblazers in the next unit. 


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