Navigate Marketing Cloud Resources

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Locate your calendar and campaigns in Marketing Cloud.
  • Update your Marketing Cloud user settings.
  • Navigate the Trailblazer Community page.


Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool to help transform your digital marketing. And like any powerful tool—the more you know about it, the more effective it can be! In this module, we focus on the support system and resources available to help you make the most of Marketing Cloud. 

We show you how to:

  • Customize your user settings to save time.
  • Navigate the Trailblazer Community resources.
  • Effectively search the help documentation for Marketing Cloud topics.
  • Bookmark helpful Marketing Cloud resources.
  • Connect with other Trailblazers.
  • Troubleshoot issues.
  • Log a support ticket.

Begin in Marketing Cloud

Let’s begin by reviewing the Marketing Cloud user interface and navigation bar. While you’ve probably seen this before, we want to highlight some areas and settings that you might not have discovered. Once you are logged into your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, you see the main navigation bar and the Marketing Cloud dashboard. Not logged in? No worries—we share lots of images along the way. Marketing Cloud navigation with callouts for calendar, campaigns, feedback, and app radio buttons.

Let’s start at the top left of the page. Calendar (1) links to—you guessed it— a calendar view of your past or future sends. The Campaigns (2) page is where you create campaign tags that you can assign to a variety of assets and emails to help organize and track specific communications. 

Love to give feedback? Click Feedback (3) to share your ideas or suggestions for our products. Next to Feedback is your account name. Click the arrow icon to see a dropdown of the business units you have access to (it may just be one). From this dropdown, in addition to the name, you will see a unique number associated with the business unit (we call this the MID). This is helpful information to have if you are working with support and have to reference which account you need help with.

In the header, just below your username, you can select which apps you see by toggling between the radio buttons for My Apps and All Apps (4). My Apps only shows apps that are available in your account and All Apps shows all potential Marketing Cloud products. (We recommend you switch this to My Apps for less clutter.) 

Now let’s navigate to the dropdown menu under your username. Here are the options. Your Name dropdown menu selected in Marketing Cloud.


Setup is the first menu option and is used by admins for account configuration. You can find general metrics, an account checklist, and links to release notes on this page. If you aren’t an admin, you won’t see this as an option in your dropdown navigation.



Learn more about account configuration in the Marketing Cloud Setup module.  

Cloud Preferences

Next, Cloud Preferences is where you can review your personal user settings—like confirming your time zone—and your login preference. When you log into Marketing Cloud, by default you see the Marketing Cloud Dashboard page first. However, you can update your account to login to the page you visit most often. For example, if you spend all your time in Journey Builder, you can save yourself a few clicks by updating your preferences to log in directly to the Journey Builder dashboard. Cloud Preferences, Default Login Preference tab with Marketing Cloud Dashboard selected.

Show Tips

This menu option is pretty straightforward, you can select to either show or hide in-app tips. We suggest you keep them visible for now, as they are helpful for new users.

Salesforce Help & Training

The Salesforce Help & Training menu option links you directly to the Salesforce Trailblazer Community page where you can view Salesforce Help documentation, learn on Trailhead, join a community group, and more. 


The Trust menu option takes you to the Salesforce Trust homepage to find information on service availability and performance, along with information about our security and compliance procedures. This is a good page to bookmark in case you experience issues in your account and want to check to see if there is a known system issue.



Learn more about the trust site in the module, Marketing Cloud Trust Site.

Now let’s head to the Salesforce Trailblazer Community homepage, either directly ( or from the Salesforce Help & Training link in Marketing Cloud. There’s a ton of good stuff waiting for you in the Trailblazer Community. Wondering where to start? Let’s review each page in the navigation. Trailblazer community home page navigation, including Answers, Help, Events, Collaboration, IdeaExchange, Featured Groups, and Known Issues.

Page Description Marketing Cloud Tips
Ask a question or browse existing questions by category.
Try browsing Email Marketing.
Locate the help and Trailhead documentation for a product or topic.
Start with the main help page for Marketing Cloud. Also bookmark the trailmix for All Marketing Cloud Trailhead modules.
Learn about upcoming Salesforce community events. This calendar is your go-to for in-person and virtual events led by Salesforce experts.
Check out the Marketing Cloud Customer Success Event Calendar to see upcoming events. New and seasoned users say the Ask an Expert series is particularly helpful!
This is the topic feeds you follow in the Trailblazer community. Follow specific people, topics, and post your questions or helpful resources. (We cover this in more detail shortly.)
Sign up and search for topics that interest you. Try these:

#Marketing Cloud
Got a great idea for a new product feature? The IdeaExchange is your home base for sharing ideas with the Trailblazer Community and Salesforce product managers. With continuous voting and special prioritization cycles, you get to influence the product roadmap by championing the ideas that matter to you the most.
Check out the current Marketing Cloud ideas. Be sure to help others by voting for your favorite idea.
Featured Groups
Join online and local groups to connect, learn, and have fun with other Salesforce customers.
Begin your journey with the Marketing Cloud success group.
Known Issues
Find existing and known issues that are being tracked by Salesforce.
Search based on Marketing Cloud tags or start with the Marketing Cloud Email Studio page.

Don’t worry, we cover each of these areas in more detail throughout this module. In the next unit, we explore Salesforce Help.


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