Connect with the Trailblazer Community

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Navigate your Trailblazer Collaboration homepage.
  • Connect with the Trailblazer community.
  • Join a community group.
  • Learn about accelerators.

Trailblazer Community

You may be the only person in your company that works on Marketing Cloud or you might have a team. Either way, people need people—to collaborate and feel connected. It’s time to meet your peers in the Trailblazer Community! 



Learn more about the community in the short module Trailblazer Community Quick Look.

Collaborate and Connect

The Trailblazer Community Collaboration tab takes you to your personal homepage. Let’s spend some time reviewing a sample page for Trailblazer Rachel.  

Trailblazer Community Collaboration home page with callouts for your profile, feed filtering, recommendations, and categories.

From this page, Rachel can update her profile (1). She can also review her feed to see the latest information and questions from the people and groups she follows. If she wants, Rachel can filter her feed (2) to only show the most recent content or content from people versus a group. Rachel can also find and connect with new Salesforce users and experts by reviewing her connections recommendations (3). Finally, she can find resources in her feed easier by clicking the type of resources she is looking for (4), whether that is a post that asks her a question, a post she bookmarked, a specific file, and so on. 

People and Groups

Let’s take a closer look at people and groups. People are individual Trailblazers and Trailblazer groups are similar to a social club you might join, like a book club. Basically they are a collection of people who share common interests. These groups could be based on products (like Marketing Cloud), specific interests (like Training and Certifications), industry (like Nonprofit), and community (people geographically located in the same place, Chicago, for example). It’s also good to note that while community groups might meet in person, most groups and discussions are virtual, so you can join from anywhere. 

Not sure which groups to add? Visit the Featured Groups tab to get inspiration. Once you find one you are interested in, opt-in by clicking Join the Conversation. We suggest you start with the Marketing Cloud success group. This group offers great resources like office hours and circles of success (small group discussions)—and boasts the collective knowledge of over 48 thousand Trailblazers. 



There are Marketing Cloud Trailblazers across the globe! Find a group in your area:  Marketing Cloud User Groups.

Share Ideas

Another great way to connect with other Trailblazers is to visit the IdeaExchange tab. Filter by Marketing Cloud to see what ideas other Trailblazers have for Marketing Cloud. You can vote on your favorite ideas and then visit the profile of the Trailblazer who suggested it. Thumbs up or thumbs down with points for an idea on IdeaExchange.

On their profile, learn about the Trailblazer’s skills, their certifications, and what groups they follow. You can then click + Follow to add them as a connection. Cursor hovering over the +Follow button to add a Trailblazer as a connection.


Crave some more collaboration with Salesforce experts? An accelerator might be a good option if your company has a premier success plan. (We cover more about support levels in the next unit). Accelerators are working sessions designed to help you solve key business objectives, no matter where you are on your Salesforce journey. Some sessions are live and others are previously recorded. Additionally, for a more personalized experience, designated contacts can schedule 1:1 accelerators. There are two Marketing Cloud accelerators that may be helpful to you as a new user.



Check out the Accelerator Library to learn about all available accelerators for premier customers.  

Now that you’ve connected with others, let’s shift to troubleshooting in the next unit.


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