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Technical Architect
Salesforce Technical Architect

You are a both a big picture thinker and in-depth problem solver, your knowledge and skills are both broad and deep. You take pride in designing systems that stand up to high volumes and won't fail at critical points. The solutions you design are built for the long-term and can take a company from one customer to one million customers seamlessly. You have proven experience integrating systems via API’s as well as a strong development background.
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General business Skills

The foundational and soft skills most frequently requested by employers for this role.
Skills Salesforce Technical Architect
Specialized Skills

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A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Technical Architect

Go through email backlog and and respond to urgent requests from internal and client teams. Review chatter posts for updates.
15 min stand up status meeting with internal team. One team member raises an engineering issue with current project so the rest of the hour is spent digging into the specifics of that problem.
Meeting with a client team to review status of the project. Follow-up on acceptance testing of latest module. Listen to client feedback and requests and address as needed.
Follow-up on emails and action items from morning meetings.
Work on the architecture for the next module. Diagram how the system will work. Write specs for system and post for internal and external team review and feedback.
Create powerpoint deck for tomorrow’s client meeting.
Work on project management tasks and time estimates for upcoming project. Assign primary and secondary resources for key engineering tasks.

Kestryl Cael Lowrey
Solutions Architect
Cloud for Good
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Vamsi Krishna Gosu
Salesforce Architect
Techforce Services
Sydney, Australia