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Lightning Experience Productivity badge

Lightning Experience Productivity

Learn tips to boost your daily productivity in Lightning Experience.
Lightning App Builder badge

Lightning App Builder

Build custom pages for Lightning Experience and the Salesforce mobile app quickly with point-and-click tools.
Evaluate Report Data with Formulas badge

Evaluate Report Data with Formulas

Delve deeply into numerical data with these powerful Lightning Report Builder features.
Filter Report Data badge

Filter Report Data

Apply filters in Lightning Report Builder to show the records you need.
Einstein Voice Basics badge

Einstein Voice Basics

Learn about voice technology and how you can talk to Salesforce.
Build Platform Apps in Lightning Experience badge

Build Platform Apps in Lightning Experience

Build and customize a recruiting app in Lightning Experience. No code required.
Lightning Flow badge

Lightning Flow

Automate processes for every app, experience, and portal with declarative tools.
Customize Your Community badge

Customize Your Community

Learn how to optimize and personalize your community with high-impact customizations.
Build an Einstein Bot badge

Build an Einstein Bot

Learn to build an Einstein Bot that can help customers with simple questions.
Einstein Bots Basics badge

Einstein Bots Basics

Learn how to make customer service smarter and easier with chatbots.
Winter '19 Release Highlights badge

Winter '19 Release Highlights

Explore highlights from the Winter '19 release.
Trailblazer Community Groups badge

Trailblazer Community Groups

See how the Trailblazer Community helps you learn, connect, and get inspired.
When do I get my community badge? badge

When do I get my community badge?

Complete the trailmix by Oct 31 ➡️ Get the badge on Nov 1. Complete the trailmix by Nov 30 ➡️ Get the badge on Dec 3.
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