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Salesforce Platform Basics badge

Salesforce Platform Basics

Get introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build custom functionality.
CRM for Lightning Experience badge

CRM for Lightning Experience

Get started with Salesforce CRM and explore Lightning Experience.
Platform Events Basics badge

Platform Events Basics

Deliver custom notifications within the Salesforce platform and in external apps.
Platform Development Basics badge

Platform Development Basics

Meet the tools and technologies that power development on the Salesforce platform.
Security Basics badge

Security Basics

Educate your users, protect your Salesforce org, and encourage a culture of security.
Identity Basics badge

Identity Basics

Secure your org so users can log in once to access a variety of apps, orgs, and services.
Lightning App Builder badge

Lightning App Builder

Build custom pages for Lightning Experience and the Salesforce mobile app quickly with point-and-click tools.
API Basics badge

API Basics

Learn the fundamentals and benefits of developing with APIs.
Lightning Platform API Basics badge

Lightning Platform API Basics

Get to know the Salesforce Lightning Platform APIs and learn to integrate your data.
User Management badge

User Management

Set up users and control how they can view or edit your business data.
Import and Export with Data Management Tools badge

Import and Export with Data Management Tools

Use Data Loader and the Data Import Wizard to manage data in Salesforce.
Flow Basics badge

Flow Basics

Explore Flow Builder and learn when to use flows to automate your business processes.
Governance Basics badge

Governance Basics

Learn the Salesforce approach to managing technology projects and teams.
Application Lifecycle and Development Models badge

Application Lifecycle and Development Models

Learn how to use application lifecycle and development models on the Lightning Platform.
Salesforce CPQ Basics badge

Salesforce CPQ Basics

Discover how Salesforce CPQ helps your sales team create quotes faster than ever before.
Community Cloud Basics badge

Community Cloud Basics

Use Community Cloud to connect with your customers, partners, and employees.
Salesforce Mobile App Basics badge

Salesforce Mobile App Basics

Collaborate with your teammates on the go with the Salesforce mobile app.
Salesforce Mobile SDK Basics badge

Salesforce Mobile SDK Basics

Learn about the technologies that power mobile development with Salesforce Mobile SDK.
Einstein Discovery Basics badge

Einstein Discovery Basics

Listen to the stories your data can tell you with Einstein Discovery.
MuleSoft Basics badge

MuleSoft Basics

Learn how MuleSoft simplifies the design and management of your APIs and integrations.
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