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Trailhead Home
Trailhead Home
68 hrs 35 mins
Time to complete Trailmix
Nonprofit Domain Expertise (18%) badge
Task – 3 hrs

Nonprofit Domain Expertise (18%)

This section is 18% of the exam.
Fundraise with Nonprofit Cloud badge

Fundraise with Nonprofit Cloud

Learn how to manage donors and donations with Nonprofit Success Pack and Salesforce.
Administer Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) badge

Administer Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Learn the basics for implementing Nonprofit Success Pack.
Manage Programs with Nonprofit Cloud badge

Manage Programs with Nonprofit Cloud

Improve your service delivery with Salesforce for Nonprofits.
Campaign Basics badge

Campaign Basics

Learn how to organize and track marketing efforts with the full potential of campaigns.
Manage Volunteers for Nonprofits badge

Manage Volunteers for Nonprofits

Learn to manage volunteer relationships, events, and communications with Volunteers for Salesforce and Nonprofit Cloud.
Learn Salesforce with Trailhead badge

Learn Salesforce with Trailhead

Earn badges, have fun, and build your career on Salesforce.
AppExchange Basics badge

AppExchange Basics

Extend the power of Salesforce with solutions and services from AppExchange.
Introduction to Nonprofit Cloud (20%) badge
Task – 3 hrs

Introduction to Nonprofit Cloud (20%)

This section is 20% of the exam. Nonprofit Cloud: Quick Look badge Nonprofit Cloud: Quick Look

Get to know Nonprofit Cloud and how it can help power your mission.
Nonprofit Cloud Implementation (21%) badge
Task – 3 hrs

Nonprofit Cloud Implementation (21%)

This section is 21% of the exam.
Governance Basics badge

Governance Basics

Learn the Salesforce approach to managing technology projects and teams.
Organizational Alignment (V2MOM) badge

Organizational Alignment (V2MOM)

Use the V2MOM process to get aligned on goals and strategies across the company.
Application Lifecycle and Development Models badge

Application Lifecycle and Development Models

Learn how to use application lifecycle and development models on the Lightning Platform.
Drucker School—Organizational Change Leadership badge

Drucker School—Organizational Change Leadership

Stay competitive with the Drucker principles for driving change within your organization.
Prepare for Salesforce Releases badge

Prepare for Salesforce Releases

Learn the latest Salesforce release features and craft your release strategy.
Nonprofit Cloud Solution Design (24%) badge
Task – 3 hrs

Nonprofit Cloud Solution Design (24%)

This section is 24% of the exam.
Salesforce Optimizer badge

Salesforce Optimizer

Learn how to use Salesforce Optimizer to get insights into the health of your org.
Lightning Flow badge

Lightning Flow

Automate processes for every app, experience, and portal with declarative tools.
Community Cloud Basics badge

Community Cloud Basics

Use Community Cloud to connect with your customers, partners, and employees.
Service Cloud for Lightning Experience badge

Service Cloud for Lightning Experience

Set up customer service for your business.
Nonprofit Cloud Data Management (11%) badge
Task – 2 hrs

Nonprofit Cloud Data Management (11%)

This section is 11% of the exam.
Salesforce Connect badge

Salesforce Connect

Access, display, and integrate data from an external data source in real time.
Large Data Volumes badge

Large Data Volumes

Plan for and work with large data volumes within Salesforce.
Duplicate Management badge

Duplicate Management

Resolve and prevent duplicates to increase user confidence in your data.
Data Modeling badge

Data Modeling

Give your data structure with objects, fields, and relationships.
Data Management badge

Data Management

Learn how to import and export data in Salesforce.
Apex Triggers badge

Apex Triggers

Write Apex triggers to perform custom database actions.
Nonprofit Cloud Analytics (6%) badge
Task – 1 hr

Nonprofit Cloud Analytics (6%)

This section is 6% of the exam.
Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience badge

Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience

Visualize key business metrics in real-time using Lightning Experience.
Fundraising Reports and Dashboards with Nonprofit Success Pack badge

Fundraising Reports and Dashboards with Nonprofit Success Pack

Access real-time reports and charts to visualize your fundraising metrics.
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