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20 hrs 25 mins
Time to complete Trailmix
Salesforce Technology Model badge

Salesforce Technology Model

Get a peek under the hood of our core technology model based on trust and innovation.
CRM for Salesforce Classic badge

CRM for Salesforce Classic

Get started with navigating Salesforce CRM and personalizing your experience.
Salesforce Release Strategies badge

Salesforce Release Strategies

Learn how Salesforce releases new features and how your company can make the most of them.
Quick Start: Reports & Dashboards badge

Quick Start: Reports & Dashboards

Create a report and dashboard to visualize your Opportunities.
Formulas & Validations badge

Formulas & Validations

Tailor your apps without writing code by using point-and-click logic.
Platform Development Basics badge

Platform Development Basics

Meet the tools and technologies that power development on the Salesforce platform.
Developer Console Basics badge

Developer Console Basics

Get to know the Salesforce web-based integrated development environment (IDE).
Quick Start: Apex badge

Quick Start: Apex

Write your first Apex class.
Apex Basics & Database badge

Apex Basics & Database

Use Apex to add business logic and manipulate your data in Salesforce.
Apex Triggers badge

Apex Triggers

Write Apex triggers to perform custom database actions.
Apex Testing badge

Apex Testing

Write robust code by executing Apex unit tests.
Aura Components Tips & Gotchas badge

Aura Components Tips & Gotchas

Learn development tips, tricks, and things to watch out for.
Aura Components Basics badge

Aura Components Basics

Use Aura components to build modern web apps with reusable UI components.
Asynchronous Apex badge

Asynchronous Apex

Write more efficient Apex code with asynchronous processing.
AppExchange Partner Basics badge

AppExchange Partner Basics

Build a business on the Salesforce platform with the AppExchange Partner Program.
AppExchange App Development badge

AppExchange App Development

Roll up your sleeves and develop, package, and test your first AppExchange app.
App Upgrading for AppExchange badge

App Upgrading for AppExchange

Update your offering and share it with your customers.
Salesforce Partner Community badge

Salesforce Partner Community

Learn how to partner with Salesforce and connect with the Salesforce Partner Community.
Trailmix complete!