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Cynthia Hill
Salesforce Consultant, Self Employed
Oakland, CA, United States
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Trailhead for Students has provided incredible connections and mentorship opportunities for me.
How did you learn about Salesforce?
The beginning of my Salesforce journey started at Jewish Vocation Services' (JVS) Salesforce Administration Training Program. I dove right into Salesforce's ADM 201 Curriculum without any prior experience. It was intimidating to say the least. I had to accept that I didn't have to know everything right away. This was difficult for me to accept because as a Business Analyst in software development, I was used to knowing the all the intricacies of the system I was working with.
What motivated you to start learning on Trailhead? What keeps you coming back?
I started using Trailhead to get a better understanding of the Salesforce Platform and to reinforce the ADM 201 material I had learned at JVS. My passion for Trailhead really took off after attending TrailheaDX '17. I wanted to learn everything there was about Lightning and Trailhead provided the platform to do just that.
What opportunities has Trailhead for Students provided you?
Trailhead for Students has provided incredible connections and mentorship opportunities for me. Through Trailhead for Students I was able to meet Nadia Noel-Anglade who has given me the push I needed to step out of my comfort zone and take my Salesforce journey to the next level. I recently got to pay-it-forward and share my journey while mentoring a group of students as Student Leader ahead of TrailheaDX '18.
What does the Salesforce community mean to you?
To me, the Salesforce community is a support system and I was truly welcomed in with opened arms. From accepting my social media requests, to agreeing to do informational interviews, to the overwhelming congratulatory messages, the Ohana is amazing. Experiencing it in person at TrailheaDX '17 was so special.
How do you use your skills to give back to your community?
I give back to my community in a few ways. First, I co-founded one of Oakland's Salesforce Saturdays with Sybil Carter-Love, a fellow JVS Cohort member. I also volunteer as a Salesforce Teaching Assistant at JVS. The community has given me so much and I value the opportunity to give back and inspire!
What message do you have for people that are considering learning Salesforce?
You do not have to have a technical background to learn Salesforce. Trailhead is a fun and exciting tool to learn about Salesforce and its ecosystem at your own pace. Trailhead has allowed me to continue to grow professionally and to expand my skillset within the Salesforce ecosystem — and it can do the same for you!

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