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In this project, you’ll use the Lightning Design System along with Visualforce to build a page that displays your contacts as tile components. The page will conform to the new Lightning UI look and feel, and you don't have to write a single line of CSS in the process!

The Lightning Design System consists of a few different pieces:

  • CSS framework
  • HTML components
  • Icons
  • Design tokens
  • Design guidelines

Over the course of this project, we’ll focus on the CSS framework, HTML components, and briefly cover icons. For a more detailed introduction of the Lightning Design System, check out the longer Trailhead module and the documentation on the Lightning Design System site.

Lightning Design System is quite a mouthful, so we’ll be referring to it here as the Design System.

Create a Contact List

What You’ll Do

  • Create a Visualforce page that displays a list of contacts

Here's a simple wireframe of what you’ll be building. It consists of a page header, followed by a list of contacts tiles, and a footer at the bottom.

Wireframe of Visualforce page to be built


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