Map Opportunity Stages to Forecast Categories

Mapping is an important step of setting up forecasting. Forecast figures can look very different and can completely change how you use the data if opportunity stages are not mapped as expected to forecast categories. 

Because all stages, except Closed Won and Closed Lost, are mapped to the Pipeline forecast category, you need to define which opportunity stages map to each forecast category based on the different thresholds that increase the likelihood an opportunity will be won. 

Create the Mappings

The sales department at Ursa Major has specific guidelines for how they want to measure probability at the various stages of their sales pipeline. Go ahead and create the mappings in accordance with the approved guidelines. 

  1. From Setup, click Object Manager.
  2. Under Label, click Opportunity, and then click Fields & Relationships.
  3. Under Field Label, click Stage.
  4. For the Stage Name entitled Value Proposition, click Edit.
  5. Click the Forecast Category menu and select Best Case.
  6. In the Probability field, if the value is not 50, enter 50.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat for these remaining stage names:

    Stage Name

    Forecast Category
    Probability (%)
    Id. Decision Makers
    Best Case
    Perception Analysis
    Best Case
    Proposal/Price Quote
  9. Ensure that your opportunity stage mapping looks like this:

    Opportunity stage mappings, including the updated forecast categories and probabilities for the five stages just updated.

View the Impact of Mapping Opportunity Stages to Forecast Categories

After you change a forecast category and/or probability,  you receive an email letting you know that the update is done. After you receive all five emails, view the Forecasts tab and look at Alek’s forecast again. Compare the forecast now to the forecast prior to updating the stages.

  1. On the Sales app screen, click the Forecasts tab.
  2. Click the View my forecasts menu.
  3. In the search field, enter Alek and select Alek Wozniak. The opportunity revenue forecast for Alek Wozniak is displayed.
  4. Notice that the values have changed since mapping the opportunity stages to the forecast categories. (You may need to hit the refresh button multiple times until the system displays the updated information.)
    View of forecasts before and after mapping opportunity stages to forecast categories.
  5. In the Commit column, click the value USD 329,318.18.
  6. On the All Forecast Categories below, under Opportunity Name, click the opportunity Koleje - 60 GreenSun Ground.
  7. Click Edit and change the stage to Closed Won.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Forecasts tab.
  10. From the View my forecast menu, search for and select Alek Wozniak again.  You are viewing Alek’s forecast again but with the change you just implemented. (You many need to hit the refresh button to see the changes.)
  11. Notice that the opportunity value moved from Commit to Closed and the total for the four quarters changed.
    View of Alek’s forecast showing the opportunity value moved from Commit to Closed and the total for the four quarters changed.

Adjusting the mappings of opportunity stages to forecast categories changes the way the forecasts are displayed for Ian, allowing him to ensure forecast accuracy, better manage his sales team, and be in compliance with corporate guidelines.

Now that you’ve created the correct mappings, move on to assign forecast managers. 

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