Create a Report

What You'll Learn

In this project, you’ll:

  • Create a case status report with custom filters.
  • Lock some custom filters for editing.
  • Add filter logic.
  • Use cross filters to get records based on their relationship with other objects.

Set Up the Report

Ada Balewa is a product support specialist at Ursa Major Solar, a company that sells solar panels. Ursa Major has experienced extraordinary growth since its founding a few years ago, but lately Ada has been worried about the company’s long-term ability to maintain its high quality of service for their customers. She recently hired two new service reps to help manage all the company’s cases in the energy industry. Now she wants to check on the progress they’ve made toward their goal of closing at least 80% of those cases by the end of the year.

Sita Nagappan-Alvarez, Ursa Major Solar’s founder and CEO, recommends that Ada create a case report to share details about the status of open cases with the entire company.

To create a report with the Lightning report builder:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click New Report.
  3. From the Choose Report Type menu, search for and select Cases.
  4. Click Continue.

Customize the Report

Now, let’s customize the report so that it returns the exact data that Ada needs: a report that’s grouped by status and includes a chart to visualize the data.

  1. From the Add group... lookup, search for and select Status.
  2. Click Add Chart.
  3. Change the chart type to donut. Click the Chart Properties icon ( Chart properties icon) and then select the donut chart icon ( Donut chart icon).
  4. Click Save & Run.
  5. Name the report Cases by Status.
  6. To make the report available to everyone in the company, Ada needs to save it in a folder that's accessible to everyone. Click Select Folder, click Public Folders, and then click Select Folder.
  7. Click Save.

There! With this report, Ada and her colleagues can find out exactly how their cases break down by status.

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