Add Filter Logic

Choose How Your Report Handles Filters

Ada is happy to see that the new hires are holding down the fort on energy-industry service cases. Now she’s curious to see how the service team is doing when she adds electronics, their second-largest industry, to the report. She wants to see cases in both industries that have not yet been escalated. She informs Sita of her plan. Sita is thrilled, but before Ada starts her report, Sita tells her that she'd like to exclude any structural defects from the report. To incorporate Sita's request, Ada decides to apply some filter logic.

Ada’s Cases by Status report already filters on Industry equals Energy, but it doesn’t have filters for her other conditions. Let’s start by adding the other three conditions she wants the report to check for. Then, let's add filter logic to fine-tune the filters. (You can set up the conditions in multiple ways; we're doing it this way so you can see how filter logic works.)

  1. Click Reports, then find your Cases by Status report and click Edit.
  2. To open the Filters pane, click Filters.
  3. Add a custom filter for Industry equals Electronics.
    • From the Add filter... lookup, search for and select Industry.
    • Set the operator to equals and the value to Electronics.
    • Click Apply.
  4. Add a custom filter for Status not equal to Escalated.
    • From the Add filter... lookup, search for and select Status.
    • Set the operator to not equal to and the value to Escalated.
    • Click Apply.
  5. Add a custom filter for Type equals Structural.
    • From the Add filter... lookup, search for and select Type.
    • Set the operator to equals and the value to Structural.
    • Click Apply.
  6. From the Filters pane, click Down arrow and select Add Filter Logic. The report isn't exactly what Ada is looking for and no results fit all the criteria. To customize the filter logic to generate the desired results, change the AND condition for the industries to OR and exclude the structural defects by adding NOT.
  7. Enter (1 OR 2) AND 3 AND NOT 4.
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Click Save & Run.
The updated Cases by Status report shows unescalated cases in either the energy or the electronics industry, barring those related to structural defects. Now that Ada sees that two cases from the energy industry are the only ones still open, she can get to the root of the problem and close them.
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