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Instantiate an Object and Invoke a Method from Execute Anonymous

Here you create a checking account object based on the BankAcct class. Technically, this is called instantiating an object: creating a specific instance of an object defined by its class. Then you invoke the makeDeposit method to run the code that adds money to the account balance.

  1. In the Developer Console, open the Execute Anonymous window. (Click Debug | Open Execute Anonymous Window.)
  2. Replace the existing code with this code:
    //From the BankAcct class, instantiate an object named chkAcct
    BankAcct chkAcct = new BankAcct();
    //Set the accttype attribute of the chkAcct object to Checking
    chkAcct.accttype = 'Checking';
    //Set the acctName attribute of the chkAcct object to D.Castillo-Chk
    chkAcct.acctName = 'D.Castillo-Chk';
    //Invoke the makeDeposit method with 150 as the argument
  3. Verify that Open Log is selected, and then click Execute. The execution log opens.
  4. Select Debug Only.
  5. Review the debug messages and then close the log.

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