Set Up the Exchange Rate

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll:

  • Activate multiple currencies with exchange rates.
  • Adjust the exchange rate with advanced currency management.
  • Build a unique home page for specific profiles.
  • Construct a unique list view.
  • Create Chatter groups.


Your company, AW Computing, is adopting Salesforce. You’re the administrator of this org. An org is an identifier that represents a customer’s version of Salesforce and its data within an instance. However, you know the org requires some preparation before users start to log in.

In this project, you get hands-on practice preparing your org for end users—from setting up the exchange rate and customizing your users’ home page to creating unique list views and creating public/private Chatter groups.

By completing these steps, you learn various ways to customize your org before your end users start using Salesforce. Anticipating users’ needs before they even log in makes adoption of Salesforce even smoother. Happy end users = happy administrator!

Since AW Computing is an international company, let’s start by turning on the multiple currencies option. Even if your company isn’t international, it is good to know how to work with multiple currencies within Salesforce. You never know where Salesforce can help you take your company in the future!

Enable Multiple Currencies

  1. Click the gear icon Setup icon and select Setup.
  2. Enter Company Information in the Quick Find box and select Company Information.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Ensure Currency Locale is set to English (United States) - USD.
    Note: Don't worry, you can change the currency back to your default currency after completing this project.
  5. Within the Currency Settings section, select the Activate Multiple Currencies box.
  6. Click Save.
  7. From the Company Information page, click the Currency Setup button.
  8. Click New in the Active Currencies section.
  9. Set up the Euro with the following information.
    Currency Type
    EUR – Euro
    Conversion Rate
    Decimal Places
  10. Click Save.

Test the exchange rate on a new opportunity.

  1. Click the App Launcher App Launcher iconand select Sales.
  2. Select the Opportunities tab, then New. Fill in the Opportunity Information.
    Opportunity Name
    Euro Currency Test
    Account Name
    United Oil & Gas, UK
    Opportunity Currency
    Close Date
    (end of current month)
    Closed Won
    (Note: that's four zeros)
  3. Click Save.
    Note: Refresh the opportunity to ensure the changes are reflected. Make a note of the converted amount in the Stage History (shown in parentheses in the Amount field).

Update the Exchange Rate

With multiple currencies turned on, let’s update and test the exchange rate.

  1. Click the gear icon Setup icon and select Setup.
  2. Enter Manage Currencies in the Quick Find box and select Manage Currencies.
    Note: If Manage Currencies does not appear in your Quick Find search, enter Company Information, and click Currency Setup.
  3. Click Edit Rates, and then edit the Euro to 1.00.
  4. Click Save.

View the opportunity from the earlier exercise and compare the converted amount to the one you noted.

  1. Click the App Launcher App Launcher icon and select Sales.
  2. Click the Opportunities tab.
  3. From the Recent Opportunities list, click Euro Currency Test and compare the converted amount to the one you noted earlier.

Congrats! You have successfully added another currency to your org and updated the exchange rate. As we all know, exchange rates change. A set exchange rate may not work for your situation. Let’s learn how to update the exchange rate based on a calendar date.

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